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This is a collaborative page. If you can recommend more in any category, please send the links to asstweb@theiac.org.uk
Prices mentioned here were noted in January 2010. This is a listing, not a set of recommendations or endorsements.

Stock Footage

Assorted Services

  • A Luna Blue - SD and HD, PAL and NTSC. Typical price 20 second cloud loop $49 SD, $99 HD.
  • CanStock Photo - NTSC but includes HD material e.g. 20 seconds swirling water $30 SD $40 HD.
  • Capital DV Studio - NTSC and limited PAL. e.g. 10 seconds waving Union Jack loop $9.99.
  • Creative Archive Licence Group - for UK use only, some clips from bfi (British Film Institute) and Open University. It had some BBC material for a while and possibly may do in future. No fee. Formats PAL wmv, mov and mpg. Mainly 352x288 but OU especially has interesting colour clips.
  • Detonation Films - an American amateur group mainly working with teenagers and specialising in explosions (!) offers free explosion clips to download or to buy on disc for $8.99. mov format NTSC.
  • Fotos Search - typical fee 17 seconds of a helicopter $199.
  • Free Stock Footage - a slight misnomer. 16 seconds of medium resolution mpg $14.50 and high resolution mov files $24.50 but usually 640:480 size.
  • Internet Movie Archive - lots of public domain material including complete films. Obviously vintage material - but possibly useful and all free.
  • iStockPhoto - operates on "credits" (about 95 US cents each) and includes PAL, NTSC and HD. e.g. 10 second loopable jungle waterfall 40 credits .
  • MovieTools - free loops in wmv format 4:3 often 640x480, and 16:9. Some designed to run on part of the screen while, for example, titles run elsewhere. They also have a "business" section which charges - e.g. a 20 second seamless loop of a flashy news studio background $9.95 - ideal for dropping in your own newscaster!
  • Pond5 - e.g. 15 seconds of school of hammerhead sharks in HD $69 or an animated globe for $28 in HD
  • RevoStock  - charges by "credits" (to begin 1 credit=$1 but various offers bring the cost down). Footage ranges from 10 to 15 credits for SD. They have PAL, NTSC and HD. e.g. 15 seconds of diesel train passing for 20 credits.
  • Rotating Cat Head Video - typical download 30 seconds of a large bonfire $1.50 but most clips NTSC format.
  • Stock Footage for Free - yes, what it says! Mainly NTSC format, some HD.
  • Alive Studio - transfer cine film, older video and slides to DVD - serves England only.  Typical price 30 minutes SD transfer from 8mm £45.
  • Amateur Photographer - much-respected weekly magazine for still camera users, but these days the line between still and video is blurring month by month.
  • Animation World Magazine - a must for any animator, mainly about professional work but fascination for all enthusiasts.
  • Camera Battery Shop - Alcester, Warwickshire - deliver to UK and Europe.
  • Cameragrip - camera stabilizers, jibs and useful accessories.
  • Carousel Media - blank tapes, DVDs etc
  • Cell Pack Solutions - batteries for all purposes
  • Cine2Video - cine transfer service, UK-based but offering worldwide service. The first reel of film (up to 400 foot) is only £45 for the full copy service onto Video, CD-ROM or Video-CD.
  • Cinematographica - an emthusiasts website for collectors of vintage equipment. The webmaster is Dutch but the site is in English.Lots of fascinating stuff here.
  • Dawson Signs - if you need neat vinyl lettering, either for use on club premises or to dress a film set/location this company supplies them. They send work out the next working day by first-class post. Their acid-etched look mimics engraved glass signs. "IAC rocks!" 275mm (10 inches) high costs £33.10 plus postage.
  • The Disc Factory - a UK CD and DVD duplication and replication company. Very friendly to amateurs as well as professionals and offer a special overnight service when necessary.
  • Dolbadarn Film Horses - Dylan Jones trains horses - and riders if necessary - for films working from his base in Snowdonia. Aimed at professional film makers but perhaps you might need their services for a special movie.
  • Draper - US based supplers of screens and blackouts among other equipment for schools and colleges. Their Home Theatre section may be appropriate for clubrooms.
  • Dynamic DVD - offers a range of cine and video tape to DVD transfers.
  • Freshcut DVD - video  tape to DVD transfer service, London based. Prices start at one tape (up to 2 hours) to DVD for £25.
  • Graber-Miller - that's Sheila Graber multi-award winning Tyneside amateur turned professional animator. From time to time she offers training, portraits and more.
  • Hague - camera supports & cranes
  • Hoodman - accessories to help you see LCD screens in bright sunlight etc
  • Keene Electronics - accessories, specialised cables and switching devices etc.
  • Kemps International Film and TV Production Services directory - the place to start if you need any kind of specialised product or service for a major production.
  • Lee's Cameras - new and s/hand kit
  • Ocean Optics - underwater photographic supplies
  • Old Timer Cameras and Books - instruction and repair manuals books etc
  • Penridge Multimedia - tapes / duplication - e.g. DVD duplication of between 100 and 249 copies £1.49 each.
  • Reelport - online entry to many indie/pro festivals, charges in "reels" (=1 Euro) but you start free.
  • Sea & Sea - underwater cameras / housings
  • Screen Stunt Supplies - rent safety mats, concealed scuba systems etc
  • Shooting People - invaluable network for actors and production people.Membership is £30 a year.
  • Straight Curve - London-based filmmaking training. e.g. one-day workshop on lighting for camera £175.
  • Studio Lighting - London-based supplier of studio lighting kit. £10 minimum order.
  • Swan Rose - NLE and training in London or around UK. e.g. Introduction to HD £230 per student, maximum of 4 per course.
  • Vintage Cameras - second-hand cine gear
  • Wide Screen Centre - includes cine film processing in its services.
  • Wireless Video Cameras - helmet-cams, cams on model aircraft etc.
  • Without-a-Box - online entry to vast number of festivals, the service is now part of the Internet Movie Database. Free to start.

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