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This is a communal effort. Please recommend more links to asstweb@theiac.org.uk

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Online training


  • Adam Wilt - slightly dated, but opens the way to masses of valuable information such as DV FAQ
  • Action/Cut/Print - information-packed online magazine for amateur and indie film makers.
  • Animation Artist - a fairly techie net community
  • Art of Cinematography - aimed at professional camera people but packed with practical information
  • Creative Cow - (Communities Of the World) very helpful forums on most video editing / art packages
  • DV Doctor - forums that vary from bland to vital
  • DV User - online version of magazine aimed at indies and semi-professional users, high-end kit reviews
  • Film and Meaning - an online book by Ian Douglas on film aesthetics
  • Film Help - advice/info for would-be indie film makers
  • Film Sound Design - fascinating articles on professional movie soundtracks with hints for us too!
  • Film Underground - USA based information on all aspects of film making

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