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A-V is the art form which links sequences of still images to music and soundtracks.. The older form used photographic slides projected by two or more projectors and linked to sound on tape or minidisc. Now most new work is based on digital photographic images recorded together with a soundtrack on CD or hard drive for playing through a computer and special video projector. The most widely used computer program for organising this is called Pics2exe (from WnSoft for $49 standard or de-luxe with video burning options $75 - trial version free). For AV workers a major benefit in joining IAC is to obtain music copyright licences at reasonable rates.

This is a collaborative list, so please email me details of other useful links and AV Groups: webmaster@theiac.org.uk

A-V Organisations

Some AV Clubs

Useful Websites

  • www.avnews.org.uk - Includes a calendar of AV events & competitions around the UK & abroad.
  • www.digital-av.co.uk - A new site devoted to all aspects of digital AV (lots of links there)