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UNICA 2010: introduction / socialising / UK contribution / faces / films & results

UNICA 2010 - UK Contribution

British Programme

British Visitors

Still from the UK programmes 'Intro'.
Introduction by Brian Dunckley
watch it here

UNICA welcomes all film enthusiasts .

You do not have to be a federation or club officer. If you love seeing non-commercial movies in good company - and visiting different countries - it is a great way to have a holiday and enjoy fine films. The British group this year were:

Photograph of the entire British group at UNICA 2010.

Left to right: Dave Watterson, Eric Granshaw, Jan Wattersom, Jane Gibbs, John Gibbs, Ron Challen, Alan Atkinson, Ron Prosser, Joy Prosser, Brian Dunckley, Alice Dunckley, Tony Williams
upper right: John Morin, Jackie Williams, Betty Jennings, Gerald Mee
lower right: Val Ellis, Leonie Davis, June Edwards.
not in the picture: Freddy Beard, Robyn Marsh.

Flying the flag - UK delegates in Union Jack displays.

Brian Dunckley sports a UK first rosette.Delegates arriving for the British programme were greeted by such an excess of "flag flying" and smiles that they soon realised we were mocking ourselves.

Brian Dunckley made sure lots of us wore UK 1st rosettes which caused raised eyebrows. Then when the audience saw the intro film he had created for our programme, there were guffaws of understanding and amusement. (Watch the film.)

Photo of Freddy Beard.Picture of John Gibbs.

John Gibbs was part of a strong CEMRIAC presence. His club at Nuneaton won the World Minute Movie Cup.

Freddy Beard was promoting the Seriactive AGM event and closely studying the jury comments.

Photo of John Morin.Photo of Betty Jennings.Betty Jennings is a UNICA regular and popular with delegates from many countries. She was often to be seen in small cafes with friends, including John Morin, enjoying the good - but expensive - local cuisine. (Many delegates bought picnic food from a handy supermarket too.)

Photo of Jan Watterson on the jury.
Jan Watterson was a member of the jury for the week.

The jury uses English, French and German, but there were headphone translations for jurors and audience so that everyone could understand. The jury discussions were well attended.  An innovation was that they were directed by a member of the committee, ensuring that their talking time was balanced over all the film programmes and that each juror has an opportunity to speak roughly the same amount.

Still from the UK programmes 'Rock Bottom'.
Rock Bottom by Bob Lorrimer
watch it here

Still from 'Letters'.
Letters by Ron Prosser

Still from 'Courier'.
Courier by John Taff
watch it here

Still from the UK programmes 'Sidewinder'.
by Phil Martin

Still from the UK programmes 'Bus Baby'.
Bus Baby by Jason Hasford &
Gino Evans watch it here

In the
World Minute Movie Cup:

Still from the UK programmes 'Call Back'.
Call Back by Bob Lorrimer
watch it here

Still from 'Just Someone'.
Just Someone by
Nuneaton Movie Makers

Results for UK

Letters - bronze medal
Sidewinder - bronze medal
Just Someone - won the Cup.

pictures on this page courtesy of the film makers, Ron Prosser, Dima Ilyeva, Zvonimir Karakatic.

Other UNICA Festivals | UNICA 2011 News
UNICA 2010: introduction / socialising / UK contribution / faces / films & results