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The logo for UNICA 2010.


The 73rd UNICA - the festival where nations compete -
took place in Luxembourg from 20th-28th August

Temperatures soared, the city of Luxembourg looked magnificent. The lovely old building which served as a cinema had no air-conditioning so every day was a free Sauna. The films were pretty hot too with fine work from all over the world competing for the valued UNICA medals. And the people ... some were pretty cool!

A mountain of work went into this UNICA including the excellent longer promotional film (below) - whose main character returned with a different short introduction each day and with the announcements of each national programme.  One of the biggest cheers of the week was when 11 year old Elena appeared in costume on stage at the opening ceremony. She removed her shiny black shoes  ... explaining that she was a year older now and they were too small to be comfortable!

The wonderful promo is packed with movie references ...

The young actress giggling.

If you loved the movie,
watch the hilarious
Making Of .

How did the British entries do?  Very well indeed!

Still from the British programme introduction. Our national introduction by Brian Dunckley maintained the quirkly sense of humour for which he is famous and which international audiences associate with Britain. Three charming little girls were off on a mission - only in the last shot was it revealed that they were creating a tableaux of Britania. Still from the British programme introduction.
Still from 'The Trap'. The Trap
by Bob Lorrimer
won a Silver Medal
"typical British Humour"
said one jury member.

The Exchange
by The Partners
won a Diploma
and much admiration
for camerawork
Still from 'The Exchange'.
Still from 'Dancer'. Dancer
by James Webber
won a Bronze Medal
with praise for its actors
and editing

Chocolate Moon
by Mike Donaghy & Alex Moran
won a Bronze Medal
in the jeunesse section
"more British Humour"
Still from 'Chocoloate Moon'.

Still from 'Benefit'.

The World Minute Movie Cup is decided by audience vote and runs on a knockout basis.

Both British entries were by Keith Baker ... and as luck would have it they were drawn to compete with each other in the first round! Lost for Words lost by a small margin, so Benefit went on ... and took the next rounds to end up as Best Minute Movie!!!

Still from 'Lost For Words'.
Lost for Words


Interior of the Theatre Capucin.The main home of the festival, where the films were shown is
The Théâtre des Capucins
Don't think "monkeys" but rather the order of hooded monks. The building in the pedestrian area at heart of the city was once a friary. It is now a jewel among the restored old buildings in Luxembourg city and used as a theatre for experimental performances.


During a week-long festival everyone needs a break, so UNICA 2011 offered a day out seeing interesting parts of the new city, cruising on the River Mosel and finally visiting a restaurant where fine Mosel wines were offered to drink and to buy for taking home.

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