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The Films - Bronze Medals

Bronze Medal Winners

Still from '2'.

place holder

Still from 'Abysm of ther Soul'.

by Tony Jacobs &
Gerrit Van Caekenberghe


5 Times
by Sokerov And Group

Abysm of the Soul, The
by Samel Faict

Still from 'Adventures in the Shopping Mall'.

Still from 'Automatic Diet'.

Still from 'Burnt Mistakes'.

Adventure to the Shopping Mall
by Ismo Kiesiläinen

Automatic Diet
by Young Uee You
(South Korea)

Burnt Mistakes
by Martti Helde

Still from 'Chocolate Moon'.

Still from 'Daisy'.

Still from 'Dancer'.

Chocolate Moon
by Mike Donaghy & Alex Moran

by Sacha Bachim

by James Webber

Still from 'Deadline'.

Still from 'Deja Vu'.

Still from 'Ear of Black'.

by Filip Javóra
(Czech Republic)

Déja Vu by
Urban Zellweger & Jorin Gerber


Ear of Black
by Pablo Fala

Still from 'Fourth Floor'.

Still from 'Full Moon',

Still from 'Gray Fairy Tales'.

The Fourth Floor
by Maxim Donchik

Full Moon
by Jean-Marc Lonfils

Gray Fairy Tales
by Jaroslav Nykl
(Czech Republic)

Still from 'Inside'.

Still from 'Its Not You, Its Wrong'.

place holder

by Olena Potyomkina

It's Not You, It's Wrong
by Emil Gustafsson Ryderup

Living in the Shadow
by Lubor Patsch

Still from 'Milk and Cookies'.

Still from ' Miramare'.

Still from 'The Picnic'.

Milk & Cookies
by Andreas Ehrig

by Michaela Müller

The Picnic
by  Wolfgang Tschallener
und das Ogablick Film Team


Still from 'Nanny in Hell'.

place holder

Still from 'One Moment'.

Nanny in Hell
by Studio 41

by Margo Zubashvili

One Moment
by Alice von Gwinner

Still from 'A Place to Stay'.

Still from 'You Bitch!'.

Still from 'Zu Zu'.

Place to Stay
by Jesse Jokela

You Bitch!
by Sonja Tarokic

by Miroslav Mirchev

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