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Awards - Diploma of Honour

Diploma Of Honour Winners

Still from 'Art Will Find its Way'.

Still from 'Behind the Wall'.

Still from 'C est la vie'.

Art Will Find Its Way
by Marina Trajkovska

Behind the Wall
by Eleonora Menutti

C'est la vie
by Yegor Ambaryan

place holder

Still from 'Chukotka'.

Still from 'Club Delicious'.

Children's Play
by Ye Ji Kim
(South Korea)

Chukota the Frozen Land
by Heinz-Werner Breiter

Club Delicious
by Filmklub Fieberbrunn

Still from 'Crossing Berlin'.

Still from 'The Crow Hunter'.

Still from 'Dandelion Wine'.

Crossing Berlin
by Christophe Hubert &
Philipp Sebastian Dressler


The Crow Hunter
by Nika Bugushvili

Dandelion Wine by
Svetlana Koltsova &
Veronika Molodikh &
Polina Konyushenko &
Alexandra Matiash
& Yulia Kovaliova


Still from 'The Exchange'.

place holder

Still from 'Gods Will'.

Exchange, The
by The Partners

Frozen Love
by Kristina Danilovska

God's Will
by Charles Ritter

Still from 'The Good Cake'.

Still from 'Hard Shell, Soft Centre'.

Still from 'Help Me to Help You'.

The Good Cake
by Julia Obraztsova

Hard Cover, Soft Centre
by Karsten Jšger

Help Me To Help You
by Bogoja Stojkoski-Pustorekanski

Still from 'In The Room'.

Still from 'King Midas Touch'.

Still from 'Last Color'.

In the Room
by MariŠn VredŪk

King Midas Touch
by Rossana Molinatti

Last Colour
by Nelli Sardaryan

Still from 'The Lost Children'.

Still from 'The Marriage'.

Still from 'The Masters Route'.

The Lost Children
by Vincent Graenich

The Marriage
by Quadriga

Master's Route, The
by Kamil Krukowski

Still from 'My Buddy'.

Still from 'Packed Like Sardines'.

place holder

My Buddy
by Bernard Dublique

Packed Like Sardines
by Stella Salumaa

Pes Magnus
by Ulla-Maija Lilja
& Pšivi Mškelš

Still from 'Red Apple'.

Still from 'The Ring'.

Still from 'The Road'.

Red Apple
by Jan Groblinski

The Ring
by Andrej Danůczi

Road, The
by  Robert Groskloss


Still from 'Roots'.

Still from 'Seaweed'.

Road of Hope, The
by Anita Gjorgjieska

by Norbert Taugner

by Ida Svenonius

Still from 'Seven Shorts'.

place holder

Still from 'Stalkers for a Day'.

Seven Shorts
by Brian Lauch

Shepherd Milan vs EU Directive by JŠn Kuska

Stalkers for a Day
by Nicholay Mogilenko


Still from 'Symbiosis'.

Still from 'Talk With Him'.

Strange Birds - a Christmas Story
by Wolfgang Tschallener

by Alexander Herrmann

Talk With Him
by Agata Pretka

Still from 'Teletrope'.

Still from 'Tick Tack'.

Still from 'Waiting for God'.

by Krunoslav Pticar

by Joren Molter

Waiting for God
by Enrik Bistika

Still from 'Well for Recycling'.

Still from 'What a good fellow Uncle Sica'.

Well for Recycling
by Ville Jšrvi

What a good fellow, Uncle Sica by Codrut Mendea

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