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UNICA 2015 - report

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The entries are split into two categories for awards - Amateurs and Film School/Young Professionals. The international jury of seven judges awarded 5 Gold medals (4 to amateurs and 1 to a FS/YP); 15 Silver medals (split 9 and 6); 35 Bronze medals (split 22 and 13); and 43 Diplomas of Honour (split 34 and 9).
See the full list of results on the UNICA website.

Great Results for the British Programme

Silver Award
Still from 'Copy That'. COPY THAT
by Kingsley Hoskins

Most offices have a matchmaker who enjoys bringing couples together ... but this one is very unusual.

Bronze Awards
Still from 'Popping  the Question'.


by Kingsley Hoskins

A young man wonders how to ask her to marry him. He envisages a range of approaches but imagines them all going wrong.

Still from 'Selfie'.

by Geoff Harmer (Fraught Productions)

A quiet night alone with the TV and occasional text messages from her boyfriend turns into something blood-chilling.

Still from 'Fall'. FALL
by Angus Bentham, Bysshe Harkavy, Chloe Crolla-Maas, Hugh Nelson, Jack Clare, Jack Simmons, Joe Morris, Maggie Stanaszek, Robert Blythe, Samuel Colilduck, Sarah Carroll, Shelby Maddock, Stephanie Cowley, Georgina Howarth-Evans & Tremayne Taylor

Traumatised by the murder of his partner during a mugging, the young man is trapped in his home until a phone message arrives.

Still from 'Ransom Note'. RANSOM NOTE
by Colchester Film Makers Club

A taut, wordless thriller which demands close attention.

Diplomas of Honour
Still  from 'A Reflective View of London'.A REFLECTIVE VIEW OF LONDON
by Graham Ralls

The capital's sights seen in reflections on windows, water, vehicles, brass plates ...

Still from 'The Patient  Fisherman'.THE PATIENT FISHERMAN
by Jill Lampert

A personal investigation of grey herons, looking at their habitat, feeding habits, lives, legends - and legs!

World Minute Movie Cup

The World Minute Movie Cup is judged by audience vote. The entries for the main competition are pre-selected and then shown in pairs for the audience to judge. One of each pair is knocked out and the survivors are paired up and shown again. This is repeated until there are 4 winners - two third prizes and a second and a first.

British entries

Third equal

Still from 'The Great Marquess'. THE GREAT MARQUESS
by Dorothy Borrie

Trainspotters vie to photograph a famous steam engine

The Confession passed the pre-selection to take part in the main competition, but was knocked out in the second round

Still from 'The Confession'. THE CONFESSION
by Pam Baker

The priest hears an unusual confession.

UNICA 2015: Report