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The logo for UNICA 2015.

Great films, great company, great fun ... it must be UNICA!

St Isaacs Cathedral
Alan Atkinson receives awards for British films
tea ceremony
South Korean tea ceremony in the kino
This UNICA had exceptional films, a knowledgeable jury, excursions, entertainments  plus the opportunity to explore a beautiful historic city.

sacred blood
Sacred Blood Cathedral

UNICA is the umbrella organisation for national, non-commercial film-making federations. For one week each year it arranges a festival where the nations compete.

Each member country can present a programme of up to an hour's length. An international jury discusses the films and awards prizes, including the coveted "Most Interesting National Programme" one.

But the real importance of the event is that 250 to 300 delegates from member nations meet and socialise; discuss the films and common problems; and make good friends. Through a shared interest in our kind of film making UNICA contributes to better understanding between nations.

A week-long festival could be hard going, but the timetable allows time for relaxation, includes excursions, various meetings, banquets and entertainments. It is held in a different country each year, offering a chance to visit new places.

Anyone can come to UNICA. You do not have to be a film maker or an official. Tempted? See bottom of page for more information about UNICA 2016 in Romania.

Talk, talk, talk

Normally all official announcements including the jury discussions are translated into English, French, German and the host language. This was not always the case in St Petersburg as this UNICA was short of translators but the general assembly, jury discussions and most of the speeches were covered. The majority of the films screened in competition were either in English or had subtitles in English.
simult translation
Delia Vagner in a sound-proof booth translating the General Assembly discussions
Foyer of the kino

Films, films, films

The UNICA-News website has details of all of the films sent to UNICA 2015 (here) and you can see almost 40 of them online (here).

Britain's selection won a Silver Medal, 4 Bronze medals and two Diplomas of Honour. More details here.

copy that
Copy That

You can see the full UNICA competition results on the UNICA website starting here.

There was also a World Minute Movie competition, judged by audience vote. Britain entered two films and one of them won third equal. More here.

The General Assembly

This year several members of the UNICA committee stood down, so there are many new faces. The new President is Dave Watterson (our assistant webmaster).  The last time a British person was President was in the 1930s.
New Committee
From left: Thomas Krauchi Treasurer (Switzerland); Zeljko Balog (Croatia); Georg Schoner General-Secretary (Austria); Franke Stas (The Netherlands); Tatyana Alahverdzhieva (Bulgaria); Pavel Leski (Poland); Bernhard Lindner Vice-President (Germany);Dave Watterson President (UK);Rolf Mandolesi (Italy); Wolfgang Freier (Germany); Mitze Chapowski (Macedonia); Jeanne Glass Vice-President (France)

The Assembly also confirmed UNICA 2017 will be in Dortmund, Germany and UNICA 2018 will be in Blansko, Czech Republic.

Excursions to local sights

An important part of every UNICA is sightseeing. 2015 included a whole-day trip with a bus tour of the main sights and a visit to Peterhof Palace built by Peter the Great. Later in the week we had a half day sight seeing boat trip around the canals and rivers. The opening and closing ceremonies included dance and music entertainments.
peterhof boat dancers

2016's UNICA will be in Suceava in Romania

19th to 26th August. The Romanian delegation came to St Petersburg with welcome packs and tons of enthusiasm to encourage as many people as possible to come to the festival next year. Why not think about joining us? There are sure to be people you know in the British group and you will quickly make new friends from other countries. If you are interested email Dave Watterson (asstweb@theiac.org.uk) and he will keep you up to date with plans, travel suggestions and so on.
Romanian delegation

Previous UNICAs | Many of the films screened at UNICA can be seen here
The British contribution | The Results