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Movie 2001

The Bedford Moat House hotel was packed with cheerful delegates enjoying a wonderful weekend of great A-V, video, film and company.  Sometimes the mini-cinemas were packed to capacity and the Awards Show was full for screenings and the illustrated talk by David Cleveland, Director of the East Anglian Film Archive.

Delegates came from Inverness, Jersey, Guernsey, Tenby, Lowestoft and from as far as Belgium, Norway and Holland. Greeting them at the reception desk was Jack Gill.

Ron Davies (AV Winner) The Festival began on Friday.  Delegates were greeted by Jack and Lorna Gill at reception, checked the bright display board for timetable details, collected their information packs and were shown to their rooms.  People could be seen in the restaurant, bar and lounges studying the attractive A5 sized Festival Brochure with its colour cover, full details of events and stills from many winning movies.

That evening Peter Coles (IAC's A-V Adviser) presented a series of audio-visual sequences from this year's Geoffrey Round Trophy competition. The competition had been held on 17th March and judged by IAC Vice-President, Valrie Ellis. Nine sequences were presented to a packed house.

The A-V show has become one of the most popular sections of the annual Festival. The trophy was won by Ron Davies for Idwal Bach.  

Richard Palmer (web host)
Richard Palmer from Channel 7 Productions.  Richard's company, Merula, hosts this web site.

Annette Lowe (Jersey)

Annette Lowe secretary of Jersey Camcorder Club.

Urbain Appletrans (director)
Urbain Appletans - Belgium - who won an International Medallion and a special award for Outstanding Cinematic Achievement as director of Dimato.

Amy Ramsden (actress)
Amy Ramsden from Channel 7 Productions - best young actress award for her performance in Vixen.

Willi Van der Linden (Belgium)
Willy Van Der
- Belgium - who won an International Medallion as director of  An Irish Moment.

Jon Gisle (Norway)

Jon Gisle - Norway - director of Silver Seal winner The Crow and the Daylight.

Laurie Calvert (winner)
Laurie Calvert receives a
Gold Seal certificate for The Force of the Starfighters  from Val Ellis. Laurie's t-shirt encouraged discussion with other animators and SF enthusiasts.

Dennis Rhodes
Dennis Rhodes
receives an IAC Fellowship from President Eric Granshaw for his work in the East Anglian Region for many years.

Gerald Mee, Betty Jennings, Eric Granshaw
Gerald Mee and Betty Jennings
receive medals for long, distinguished service to the from President, Eric Granshaw. A similar medal was awarded to Bernard Ashby, who could not attend as he is now based in Australia.

Christine CollinsDuring Saturday three mini-cinemas were in operation from 9.30am to 5.30pm showing carefully balanced programmes of award winning films.  Whenever the movie maker was there she or he was presented with their certificate.  IAC Competition Officer Mike Donlan selected the movies, Christine Collins organised the shows and they were projected by members of Wanstead & Woodford CVC, Hemmel Hemlstead MM and Potters Bar CVC.

Saturday evening's gala dinner managed to be formal without being overwhelming.  After a fine meal, Councillor Hazel Mitchell, Mayor of Bedford, made a short speech.  Then an IAC Fellowship was presented to Dennis Rhodes and long-service medals to Gerald Mee and Betty Jennings who retired from the IAC Council last year.

On Sunday everyone assembled in the main cinema to see the top award winners.  The excellent presentation was by Syd and Beryl Pearman.  An introductory video by Garth Hope of Humphrey Park Moviemakers (Manchester) summarised the main winners and the excitement of Festival.  The guest lecturer was David Cleveland of East Anglia Film Archive whose words and sample materials enthralled the audience.

At the end of the weekend Festival Officer, Roy Claisse, looked exhausted but ought to have been delighted.  It was a most successful event in a lovely place.

Click for details of the winning films, videos and A-V sequences
Tim Jones on making Greenhouse

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