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The making of Missing

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Missing won a 4-star award at BIAFF 2008


The logo of Impuls Kortrijk club.I always work together with some friends from my club Impuls Kortrijk.

We have very good filmmakers. One of them won a medal at UNICA last year. Unfortunately we are all growing old. Most of us are in their sixties. So am I. It's very difficult to find new dynamic youngsters who can give us new sparkling ideas. That's a pity, but yes, we enjoy ourselves. We can't stop making films.

This means: writing scripts and scenarios, writing commentaries, doing camerawork, editing, sound mixing and so on … Sound mixing is really my own supreme passion. I can work on it for hours and hours, for days and days… That is one of the reasons why I decided to write the story of Missing myself. It gave me the opportunity to make my own choice of music and other sounds.

After a friendly discussion the story was accepted and I prepared the screenplay.

Still from 'Missing'. Still from 'Missing'.

The story?

A young photographer has run up debts. In order to solve his problems he takes a job abroad as a press photographer. However, he also enjoys a joint from time to time. He tells his sweetheart about his intentions. She feels desperate, but tries to suppress her feelings. The parting is very sad. He gives her a teddy bear as farewell present.

Still from 'Missing'. Still from 'Missing'.

Some months later the girl watches TV news. Terrorists have attacked a coach. The passengers are foreigners. Some Belgians have perished. A press photographer is missing. She bursts out crying. She thinks her friend must have died. However, ten years later, he returns. He wants to visit his girlfriend but her house is for sale … He is very sad and tries to escape his misery in alcohol and drugs.

Of course I am not going to tell you the end of the story. Maybe one day you may see my film.

As we are pure hobbyists we didn't have a budget to make this film, but we could afford catering. Finding the best cast was a problem. Members of a drama club tend to do overact a bit and not everybody is willing to undress and lie under the same sheets with someone else.

Still from 'Missing'. Still from 'Missing'.

Portrait of Eric Vanoverschelde.Each member of the film crew had their own task, for instance finding the best locations. Filming the attack of the terrorists was very difficult. Therefore we took some images from a film and we edited that part in a special way. We added some special effects and sounds.

All in all we enjoyed making that film very much, but there were also moments of despair. All's well that ends well. Now we are very happy with the results.

Next year we would like to take in BIAFF again, but not with a fiction film. It will be a film about problems in our society. Some members of my club will do the camera work .

We already have a title: The Scream!

- Eric Vanoverschelde

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Page updated on 07 October 2011
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