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The Videomaker's Journey: part seventeen
Editing Principles for Beginners

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Part Step Content
B. Advice for Beginners on Travel and Family Video
C. Further Advice for the Making of Dramas
Beginners should browse through these pages - then select the features and effects they might like to use.
This section includes three sample movies - there are 9 other video clips scattered throughout the chapter - illustrating various features and effects.
Step 1 Preparation for the Edit
Step 2 Trimming the clips / How to start the story / How to end the story
D. Step 3 Jump cuts, crossing the line and screen direction
Step 4 Shifting shots around / Fine tuning / Cutaways / Inserts / Reaction Shots / Overlapping sound or video
E. Step 5 Tweaking: lightning flashes / image correction / transitions
F. Step 6 Adjust the dialogue audio volumes / Remove unwanted sound
G. Step 7 Finishing Touches - Titles / Credits / Music / Hints / Comment by Col Tretheway
H. Extras Supplementary advice: image correction - old equipment - editing equipment - the final render - high definition editing.

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