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Panorama of the park and venue.

UK success at UNICA 2014

From the 103 films screened.
The jury awarded altogether 3 Gold Medals, 13 Silver Medals, 24 Bronze Medals,
32 Diplomas of Honour and a number of special prizes.
British winners:
a silver medal for Soul Matrix by Pork Chop Pictures
a silver medal for A Fistful of Conkers by Liam Sanderson
a Diploma of Honour for Dragonfly by Andy Holt
a Diploma of Honour for Paul Oakenfold - Who Do You Love? by Morgan Spence
the prestigious award for
Most Interesting National Programme

The main hall of  Dom Umeniin Piestany.Piest'any in Western Slovakia is a world-famous spa set in the midst of the beautiful countryside forming the Vah River valley. Its thermal mineral springs and mud-treatments are recommended for arthritis treatment. It is also home to an impressive structure: the Dom Umenia (House of Arts) or Arts Centre in British terms. That was the venue for the UNICA festival from 23rd - 30th August 2014. Its raked seating allowed perfect sight-lines for every delegate.

The foyer area had the usual cloakrooms and cafe but also an art exhibition area. Behind the scenes were meeting and office room used by the UNICA committee and jury among others.
There was a full-day excursion to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. It included a trip to Devin castle an ancient site by the border between Slovakia and Austria. A tour of the city in an antique road-train and a walking tour of the centre. Throw in a great lunch and fine dinner in a converted cinema and you had a tired but happy couple of hundred delegates. A half-day excursion took in a walking tour of Piestany's sites, a visit to the fascinating town museum and a boat trip on the river Vah. The evening meal was in a building reminiscent of old style palaces.
Picture of the UNICA 2014 jury.
The UNICA jury: (l to r):  Anton Szomolányi (Slovakia), Vjekoslav Zivkovic (Croatia), Romy Van Krieken (Netherlands), Josep Rota (Spain), TomᚠHučko (Slovakia), Guido Haesen (Luxembourg), Dave Watterson (United Kingdom, Jury Chairman) and Rolf Leuenberger (UNICA Committee member and jury-wrangler).
British delegates attending:
Alan Atkinson
Freddy Beard
Alice Dunckley
Brian Dunckley
Katie Fitzgerald
Jane Gibbs
John Gibbs
Eric Granshaw
Jill Lampert
Robyn Marsh
Geoff Matthews
Gerald Mee
John Morin
Jack Spring
Dave Watterson
Jan Watterson
Jackie Williams
Tony Williams
The UNICA General Assembly (AGM) took place during the week and there were various presentations by nations keen to host future UNICA festivals.

You can read reports of the event and see many of the films screened on

and see the full results on the official website
UNICA 2015 will be
St.Petersburg, Russia
on 5th-13th September.

More details will appear later in the year.

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