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Coming Events

UNICA Patronage Film Festivals Other Festivals
21st Aug - 3rd Sep UNICA Festival 2006 November 15-20 Tehran International Short Film Festival
August - September UNICA Festival 2007 3rd - 5th February Eulenspiegeleien Festival
22nd - 31st August UNICA Festival 2008 31st March - 2nd April British International Amateur Film Festival


23rd - 26th May The White Nights Festival
25th - 27th November Senior Forum - Kromeríž 21st - 25th August Goldene Diana Festival
17th - 19th March Berliner Film Fenster Grenzenlos 1st & 2nd September The Cotswold International Film Festival
18th - 24th June Festival der Nationen 14th & 15th October The Guernsey Lily International Festival
  • I have not received the printed magazine and so do not know which events are officially listed.
  • Ich habe die gedruckte Zeitschrift nicht erhalten und deshalb wissen Sie nicht, welche Ereignisse offiziell aufgeführt werden.
  • Je n'ai pas reçu le magazine imprimé et donc ne sait pas quels événements sont listés officiellement.

- Dave Watterson


2006 * 21st August to 3rd September * 68th UNICA * Daegu & Kyeongju (Korea)

2007 * August - September * 69th UNICA * Liptovský Mikuláš (Slovakia)

2008 * 22nd to 31st August * 70th UNICA * Hammamet (Tunesia)

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67th UNICA 2005 AWARDS

Still from 'Medianeras'.GOLD:

  • BEN-LA MOUCHE - Jean-Paul Thaens (FRA)
  • MEDIANERAS - Gustavo Taretto (ARG)
  • GOING TOGETHER - Suk Jea Pak (KOR)


  • SEN -Jaroslav Nykl (CZE)
  • FINAL Y PRINCIPIO - Carlos Marqués Marcet (ESP)
  • CHURROS CON CHOCOLATE - José & Manuel Lagares (ESP)
  • LA FUNA - Leo Alessandro Leone (ITA)
  • WILGOC - Daniel Wawrzyniak (POL)
  • LA BATAGLIA DELLE ARANCE - Karin & Bernhard Hausberger (LIE)


  • LOUAGEUR- Robert Devin (BEL)
  • WIE IS VINCENT? - Lacroix & Armand (FRA)
  • OUTCOME - Anouar Lahouar (TUN)
  • EL RUIDO - Javier Prieto (ESP)
  • 00156 - Eugenio Squarcia (ITA)
  • OMAR E SARAH - Claudio Alberti (ITA)
  • VER-RUCKT- Angelika & Wolfgang Allin (AUT)
  • FLASHBACK - Fritz & Martin Kober (AUT)
  • AUTONONSTOP - Dominik Matwiejczyk (POL)
  • TIEMPO MODERNOS-Simon Farnco (ARG)
  • DE TREUGKEER -Vladimir Murtin (NDL)
  • GUKSI - Heikki Jokiniemi (FIN)
  • UNLOCKING YOUR MINDS - Terry & Debbie Mendosa (GBR)
  • 225 - Christopher David (GBR)
  • ENTRE DEUX - Arlyne & Darryl O'Donovan (CHE)
  • FLASHBACK - Bezhad Rasoulzadeh (IRN)
  • EBENE 4 - Filmklub Reinikendorf (DEU)
  • NASSE ZIGARREN FOR BERLIN - Stephan-Flint Muller (DEU)
  • BIYIK- Lale Nalpantoglu (DEU)
  • ME AND I - Andy Lamesch (LUX)
  • ECOLES AU FIL DE L'EAU - Michel Poulliot (FRA)
  • THE STONE EGG - David Bronchard (FRA)


  • Filmschool Gold Medal: POUTA NEJSILNEJSI -Vit Karas (CZE)
  • Filmschool Silver Medal: APARTE DE MARIA - Ariel Nahon (ARG)
  • Filmschool Bronze Medals:
  • KOOMA - Asko Kase (EST)
  • OPERATIONEN - Magnus Gillberg (SWE)
  • JAMNA PLAGOR - Simon Gunnarson (SWE)
  • LA CANTINA DI FERRO - Matija Debeljuh (HRV) * BUKET - Petra Oreskovic (HRV)
  • KOHUTIK JARABY - Marian Tutoky (SVK)
  • TYOPAIVA - Sakari Luhtala (FIN)

The most interesting programme

  • Germany

Special Awards

  • Special prize for a remarkable idea: BETWEEN WALLS - Gustavo Taretto (ARG)
  • Special prize for an exceptional realisation: WILGOC - Daniel Wawrzyniak (POL)
  • Special prize for the best jeunesse film: GOING TOGETHER - Suk Jea Pak (KOR)
  • Special prize for a remarkable use of special effects: 225 - Christopher David
  • Special prize for transition between generations: ABOUT MARIA - Ariel Nahon (ARG)
  • Special prize for a remarkable idea: OUTCOME - Anouar Lahouar (TUN)


  • 2. MUSTERUNG - Frank Dietrich (DEU)
  • 3= FLITS - Leon Derous (BEL) and


  • Julien Loncke (BEL)
  • Michel Creten (BEL)
  • Diana Nenadic (CRO)
  • Dr. Georg Schorner AUT)
  • Dave Watterson (GBR)
  • Rolf Leuenberger (CHE)
  • Pawel Leski (POL)

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October 29th * 1. DEUTSCHER VIDEO-CLIP-WETTBEWERB * Berlin (Germany)

Topics: Videoclips.
Contact: Sonni Browatzki
Scharnweberstrasse 125
13405 Berlin

Tel.: 030 417 50 23

Closing: 12th October 2005

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November 25th - 27th * SENIORFÓRUM * Kromeríž (Czechia)

Topics: The international film festival for authors over 58.
Contact: Dum kultury
Tovavovského 2828
767 01 Kromeríž

Tel: 573 340 827
Email: ladislav@recom-km.cz
Website: www.csfv.org

Closing: 15th November 2005

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Festival logo. 17th - 19th March 2006 * 2nd Berliner Film Fenster Grenzenlos *
Videofilmer - This Time´s Chroniclers

  • the best amateur film
  • the best low-budget film
  • the best student film
Format: VHS, S-VHS (PAL, Secam), miniDV, DVD (+/-)
Films in mother tongue are only allowed with the English or German subtitles.
Contact: ars cinema berlin e.V.,
Mrs Beate Müller
Pistoriusstraße 31
D - 13086 Berlin

tel./fax: (++49)(30)926 92 50
e-mail: ars.cinema@berlin.de &  helfried.mahn@t-online.de
website: www.ars-cinema.de

Closing: 31st December 2005


WABE, Danziger Str. 101, D - 10407 Berlin - Ernst Thälmann Park, Germany
organised by ars cinema berlin e.V., * Kulturamt Pankow * WABE


Friday 17th

05.30 p.m * Opening of the festival
05.45 - 07.30 p.m. * Film session and discussion
08.15 - 09.45 p.m. * 60 YEARS OF DEFA
Saturday 18th
10.30 a.m. - 06.00 p.m. * Film session and discussion
Sunday 19th
10.00 a.m. - Awards ceremony

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18th - 24th June 2006 * The Festival of Nations * (Ebensee, Austria)

Topic: For all non-commercial films less than 30 minutes long. (Special section for films under 5 minutes.) Films must have been completed in the last two years.
Format: DVD and all video systems (preferably VHS / S-VHS, DVCAM, DV / miniDV). For 16mm and 8mm please send a copy in a video format for preview.
Contact: Erich Riess
A- 4060 Linz
Gaumbergstraße 82

tel: ++43-732-666 2 666 or ++43-732-673 693
fax:  ++43-732-666 2 666
email: eva-video@netway.at
website: www.8ung.at/filmfestival

Closing: 1st March 2006.


Logo of Iranian Young Cinema Society.Tehran 10th International Short Film Festival (TISFF)
15th to 20th November 2005 in Tehran, Iran.

Topic: The relevant sections for overseas entries are the International and Spiritual ones.
Format: VHS cassette or a DVD of the film in (PAL, SECAM or NTSC format) with English subtitle
Contact: Hassan Dezvareh, Head of International Relations
17 Ghandi Sq
Shariati Ave
15569 Tehran

Tel.: 0098 - 21 - 8511326
Mobile: 0098 - 912 - 1044912
Fax: 0098 - 21 - 8511242
Email: dezvareh@iycs-ir.com, naderu@iycs-ir.com, info@shortfilmfest-ir.com
Website: www.shortfilmest-ir.com

Closing: July 20th, 2005.
  1. Objectives - Tehran 10th International and 22nd National Short Film Festival will be held by Iranian Young Cinema Society, November 15th, 20th, 2005 in Tehran.
  2. Entry Requirements - For the International Competition entries on 16mm, 35mm, Beta cam SP PAL, DVcam and DV are acceptable. The films and videos must be completed after 1st of January 2003. Films of 45 minutes are eligible. The Categories are:
    • Experimental
    • Animation
    • Documentary
    • Fiction
  3. Entry Procedures and Submission - The following materials have to be sent to the Festival Office by July 20th, 2005 at the latest:
    • VHS cassette or a DVD of the film in (PAL, SECAM or NTSC format) with English subtitle
    • Dialogue list in English
    • Three stills (Colour or Black & White)
    • Filmobiography of the director.
    • Video cassettes must be sent by mail or EMS (TNT, DHL,...), please specify "No Commercial value, for Cultural Purpose only", (declaring a value less than 20 US$).
  4. Selection - The festival will select the films for the international competition from all submissions. Filmmakers, producers and distributors will be notified of the selection results by 20th of September 2005.
  5. Shipping of the films - Screening prints (16mm, 35 mm) of the selected Films and Beta tapes, DVCam or DV of the selected videos must arrive in our office latest before 25th October 2005 (because of some difficulties to release the prints and videos from the Customs, we do need enough time to get them).
  6. Shipping and Insurance - The screening prints and videos will be returned after the festival to the address given on entry form. The shipping cost to Tehran, Iran must be paid by the sender, return shipping cost will be paid by the festival. In case of loss or damage, the responsibility of the festival is limited to covering the costs for the replacement of the print.
  7. Juries and Prizes - The organizers will nominate an international jury of five members, one of whom is Iranian. The Jury will award the following prizes:
    • Grand prix: Trophy + Diploma + 5000 US $
    • Best Fiction: Trophy + Diploma + 3000 US $
    • Best Documentary: Trophy + Diploma + 2500 US $
    • Best Animation: Trophy + Diploma + 3000 US $
    • Best Experimental: Trophy + Diploma + 2000 US $
    • The Board of Jury can award a special Prize of the jury to a film.
  8. Non-specified cases - The IYCS will decide on any cases of doubt which have not been mentioned in these regulations. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance without reservation of all the terms outlined in the present regulations. Should the meaning of the latter be contested, the Persian Version has legal value. Note: The preview tapes will not be returned.

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Organising club's logo.3rd - 5th February * 32nd Eulenspiegeleien Festival * (Berlin, Germany)
International festival of humour and satire.

Topic: Funny films up to 20 minutes long and less than three years old.
Format: PAL VHS, SVHS and miniDV
Contact: FiViA Berlin
Dr. Ralf Köthnig
Immenweg 22
D-16356 Ahrensfelde

fax: (+49) 030 93491257
website: www.videoclub-fivia.de
email: <eulenspiegeleien@arcor.de>

Closing: 27th January.

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UK flag.31st March - 2nd April * British International Amateur Film Festival * (Bedford, England)

Topic: Amateur cine or video on any topic and of any length.
Contact: IAC Competition Manager
P.O. Box 538
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 8WD

website: www.fvi.org.uk/central/festival
download entry forms in English, French, German and Dutch.

Closing: 4th January 2006

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Festival logo.23rd - 26th May * 48th White Nights Festival * (St. Petersburg,Russia)

Topic: All topics except films praising violence or pornography. Maximum length 20 minutes.
Format: PAL VHS/SVHS, miniDV, DVCAM, DVD. As far as possible please provide a Russian version of the text in the film. Otherwise provide English or German text for translation.
Contact: Entry fee may be sent to
Harald Lorenz
von Tresckow-Str. 7

email: < amateur.rus@mail.ru>

Closing: 1st May. Accepted entries asked to pay 10 Euros.

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Statue of Goden Diana.21st - 25th August * Goldene Diana Festival * (Carinthia, Austria)

Topic: Any subject. Up to 2 entries per author. Maximum length 20 minutes. Also a special 1-minute competition.
Format: PAL VHS, SUPER VHS and Mini-DV.
Contact: Internationales Festival des nichtkommerziellen Fim
Goldene Diana
p/a Paul Kraiger
Buchhalm 42
A-9141 Eberndorf
Austria / Europe

email: < obmann@golden-diana.com>
website: www.golden-diana.com

Closing: 1st August. Entry fee 15 Euros.

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Festival logo.1st - 2nd September * The Cotswold International Film Festival * (Stroud, England)

Topic: Any topic except pornography. Maximum length 16 minutes (Open class 22 minutes).
Format: PAL: VHS, S-VHS, Mini DV, DV, Digi 8, Hi8, DVD-R
NTSC - VHS or DVD-R only.
Contact: Festival Officer
P.O. Box 64
Stonehouse GL10 2YH
England UK

email: <leepres@anglovideogxy.demon.co.uk>
website: www.cotswoldfilmvideofest.co.uk

Closing: 15th May 2006. Entry fees vary. Amateurs 8 GBP

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Logo of the festival.14 - 15th October * The Guernsey Lily Festival * (St. Guernsey,Channel Islands)

The Island of Guernsey is situated only 80 miles from the South Coast of England. The unique atmosphere inspired Renoir and Victor Hugo.

Topic: Any topic. Maximum length 30 minutes. Films made in the last two years.
Format: DV, Mini DV, VHS or S-VHS (PAL)
Contact: Peter and Mary Rouillard
Moneta, Marette Road
St Martins, Guernsey
Channel Islands

tel: +44 (0) 1481 236461
fax: +44 (0) 1481 236461
email: < rouillard@cwgsy.net>
website: www.guernseylily.com

Closing: 31st May. Entry fee 14 Euros.

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