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Festival logo.WALSER FILM DAYS, Wals, near Salzburg, Austria

Closing : tbc (was September in 2016)
Festival: tbc (was October in 2016)

This is an international Film Festival that takes place in Bachschmiede in Wals-Siezenheim, near Salzburg, Austria.

Films must be amateur and no longer than 30 minutes. Bear in mind that the festival's official language is German, though films that do not have too much English dialogue will usually be understood by most of the audience.

Entries accepted on miniDV, DVD., Blu-Ray and stick. One entry per carrier system. Up to two entries per person.

There is also a one-minute film section.

A pre-selection jury chooses the films that will be shown and priority is given to those where the film maker will attend the festival.

Entry fee 15 Euros per film. (Add 5 euros for return of film if required. If you win one of the glass trophies and do not attend add 10 euros postage and keep your fingers crossed!)


Film-und-Video Club Wals-Siezenheim
Int. Filmfestival "4.Walser Filmtage"
Andrä Dopplerweg 1
A-5071 Wals

Website : www.filmclubsalzburg.at

Email: viktor.kaluza@A1.net

Accommodation info from www.wals-siezenheim.com or email info@wals-siezenheim.com

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