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The logo of the festival. Senftenberg International Film Festival

Closing : 22nd February 2017
Festival: 24th - 26th March 2017

The festival has two elements. The international part is based on a different theme each year. For 2017 the theme is Passion. We are looking for films, that show passion, it doesn`t matter if in a club, or in a team, in a job or even in a hobby.
There is also a celebration of one-minute movies to which only German film makers can send entries.
The festival takes place in Senftenberg which lies roughly mid way between Berlin and Dresden. The Senftenberg club has been organising competitions and festivals since 1982. Each festival celebrates the culture of the selected country or region in film, song, dance, food and drink.
There is no entry fee, but if you want your film back, or a certificate of participation, you must send return postage either in Euros or in International Reply Coupons (available from most post offices.) Entries may be in any language but English or German are preferred. They must be no longer than 20 minutes.

If return-postage is not enclosed cassettes and DVDs will not be returned.

  1. Include all technical information necessary to ensure that the film can be properly presented.
  2. The festival takes place in NEUE BÜHNE in Senftenberg, Rathenaustraße 6 .
  3. An international jury will speak publicly about the films and award three prizes. Every filmmaker attending will receive a commemorative certificate. You can receive a certificate of participation if you send return postage.
  4. Send your film to
    Matthias Schulz
    Wiesenweg 13
    D-01996 Hosena
The club website (in German) is at www.videofilmer-senftenberg.de . Scroll down for English instructions.
Watch the trailer: here.

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