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Le Hedan Trophy.



The Le Hedan Trophy
for the Best Acting Performance

Purchased in 1978 in memory of the late Madame Le Hayden who had frequently visited the festival from France. In the early 21st century the handing out of trophies stopped, although the award for Best Acting continues.

As its name suggests this award goes to an actor rather than the movie director.
For the first few years the names of the actors concerned were not usually listed (!)

2021 Sandra Zellweger in Sobre La Muerte (About Death)
2020 Esther McAuley in Can't Hide It
2019 The ensemble cast in Making Friends as the World Ends
2018 Michael Linehan in Penitentm
2017 Shin Yu Ju in I Am
2016 Ruben Crow in Wormholes
2015 Marco Brunu in Riunione di Famiglia (Family Reunion)
2014 Stephanie Hazel  in Groupie
Margaret Jackman
in No Regrets
2012 Derek Fowlds in Pigeon Post
2011 Kim Junhong in Helping Hand
2010 Rachel Heaton in Letters from the Front
2009 Elisabeth Heckel in Nebenan (Next Door)
2008 Ivo Butts in Welcome to Sancta Millenia
2007 Jean-Michel Balthazar in La Trace (Footprints)
2006 Narelle Summers in Confidentially
2005 Lucy Pechová in Passing
2004 Elen Wales in Lost
2003 Anniek Vanvinckenroye in Mitta
2002 Claire Louise Garrigan in Dirty Style Blues
2001 Jean Pierre Reguerraz in Argentinian Association of Actors
2000 Klaus Ziemann in Steins Abschied
1999 Burt Caesar in Faith Dealer
1998 Marissa Josa in Como Escribir Cartas di Amor
1997 Murinka Pritz in Dinner for Two
1996 Andrew Reid in The Game
1995 Elisenda Bautista in Accident
1994 Jonathan Swales in Franzi
1993 Joanna Dunn, Vicky Sharp, Andy Love,
Daniel Crimes, Jason Cross
in Goldfish
1992 Dave Aldous in Undercover
1991 Katie Levette in Nothing To be Afraid Of
1990 David Edwards in Lost Property
1989 no award
1988 Dave Aldous in Self Service
1987 Isobel Barker & Andrew Blackwell in A Dream Come True
1986 lead player in Velkommen Hjem Anders
1985 lead players in Racing Hearts
1984 lead players in Laura's Theme
1983 lead player in Fathers and Sons
1982 lead player in Beyond The Gate
1981 lead players in Goodbye Uncle
1980 no award
1979 Lawrence Ventre & John Longford in Loser's Blues
1978 lead players in Nidus

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