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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.

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Pahar Trust Nepal - Visit of 2014 by Annette Lowe
Parallel Highways
by Rino Barbir
Paranormal Films 1: Davidstow Airfield +
by Paul Grove
Paranormal Films 2: Harwich Redoubt Fort
by Paul Grove
Pass the Parcel by Arthur Bullock & Colin Trethway
Passion for the Wind by Thomas Van Der Gronde
Patient Fisherman, The by Jill Lampert
Paul Oakenfold - Who do you Love? by Morgan Spence
Pay As You Go by Howard-Smith
Perfect Sunday, The
by Lucy Shepherd
Petals by Brian O'Connell
Peter Deighan, Internationally Renowned Artist
by Paul Desmond
Picture Picture
by Mike Shaw
Pine Cone by Sakari Makela 
Places Please by XDL Films 
Plague: A Chronicle, The by What You Looking At Film
Plough Monday by Paul Desmond
Poo by Isla McLeod
Popping The Question by Kingsley Hoskins
Positive Learning in the Classroom by Wales High's Film & Animation Club
Precipitant by Jon M. Wilson
Present, The
by Irlanda Tambascio
Present from the Past by Shaun Labreque
Problem With Harry, The by Arthur Bullock,
Prodigy, The by Phil Martin
by Luke Robson
Propast (abyss)
by David Brezina & Pavel Kopp
Prophecy, The by XDL Films
Proverbial Luck, The (Das Sprichwörtliche Glück) by Dave Lojek and Team
Psychic Sue by Dave Lojek
by Olena Potyomkina
Purity by Rochdale Movie Makers
Pushing the Boundaries by Tony & Eileen Colburn

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Question, The by Jack Spring
Quieta Non Movere
by Vito Labalestra

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Race for Life by Tim Stannard
Radio of Kushan by Andrey Kudryashov
Rainbow Angel by Anna Kasten
Rainforest SOS by Mill Lane School (Chinnor)
Ransom Note by Colchester Film Makers Club
Raw Spit by Paul Vernon
Reason For Smile
by Martin Mach
Reasons by Alan Colegrave
Red 7 by Haywards Heath Movie Makers
Red Rose, The by Ian Woodward
by Voice of Young People in Care
Remember Me
by Sarah Robinson & Nick Willoughby
Remote Control
by Mike Shaw
Requiem for Tin by James Chalmers
Residence, The by Jack Marsh
Restless Wind, The by Arthur Bullock
Revlooshun by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Rewind by Alan Brown
Rex by Berry Van der Vorst
Rhythm in Steam by Geof Caudwell
Right Background, The (illustrated talk) by Michael Gough
Right Beat, The (illustrated talk) by Michael Gough
Right Note, The (illustrated talk) by Michael Gough
Ring, The
by Andrej Danoczi
Ripple Effect by Katie Sparrow
Rise - Fall - and Rise? Of Lord Street, Southport, The by Southport Moviemakers
River God Mask, The
by Simon Woolf
River Lady
by John Howden
River of Dreams by Robert Lorrimer
Road Not Taken, The by Thomas Bunink & Patrick Brouwers
Rock Bottom by Robert Lorrimer
Romanian Patient, The
by Ovidiu Potorac
Room 4
by Geoff Harmer
Rosa Alba
by Beniamen Szwed
Rubble Bubble by Michael Gough
Run by Jack Spring
Run Granny Run! by Karl Birrane
Running Together
by Jill Lampert

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Saddest Lines, The by William Fuller
Safe House by Kyle Withington
Safe Refuge, A by Annette Lowe
Salute to the '40s by Peter Macpherson
School of the Living Dead by Maisie Winnard
by Tim Flippance
Second Sense
by Katie Hulett
Secret, The
by Jon Rosling
Secret Island, The
by John Astin
Secrets by Phil Martin
Secrevated & Surreptitional by Simon Woolf
Sedate Escape by Joe Dearman
Selfie by Geoff Harmer
Shoot, The by Terry Mendoza
Shout, The by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Shugborough's Kingfishers by Andy Holt & Helen Holt
Silent House by Attila Mészáros
Silent Torture by Rob Jon Andrews
Silent War by Mark Anthony Games
Silly Robin
by Ian Woodward
by Samuel Faict
Situation Vacant by Derby Movie Makers
Sky Hook
by Tom Marshall
Slow Down
by Megan K. Fox
Small Awakening, A
by Joonas Makkonen
Snail's Pace by Geof Caudwell
SNBSAC 1332 Scuba Diving Club Promo by Celine Ellis
Solway Serenity by George Tinkler & Ken Geen
Some Days are Special by Alan Colegrave
Some Dreams by Mark Anthony Games
Song for Someone by John Roberts
Sons of Natalya Petrova, The by Howard-Smith
SoulMatrix by Porkchop Pictures
Spas Like Us by Dave Maton
Special   (AV sequence) by Jeff Mansell & Howard Bagshaw
Spectator, The by Jack Spring
Speechless (Sprachloss)
by Adrian Kopitzky, Felix Faißt & Frank Kaya
by Abel Visky
Sprichwörtliche Glück, Das (The Proverbial Luck)
by Dave Lojek
Srehcteks Nabru eht Evil Gnol !
by Werner Van den Bulck
State of Heart, A
by Mark Eckersley
State of Mind, A by Mark Anthony Games
Steam Fair
by John Howden
Steaming Harz by John Astin
Steps, The
by Bob Lorrimer
Story of Sinsen Roundabout, Norway, The by Per Ogland
Stripped by Mark Jackson
Subtle Richness of Being a Newfie, The by Lepus Productions
Superdog by Jacob Crow
Susie the Spider by Huey Walker

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Tabula Rasa
by Charlie J Blay
Tail of Cyril the Squirrel, The
by Mark Rigler
Take Two by Michael Gough
Talking Pictures by Mike Shaw
Tarek Chalabi by Finn-Halvar Peters
Target: 3000 by Paula Webster
Taxi by Toucan Films
by Javier Mrad
Teenage Domestic Abuse by Maisie Winnard
by Krunoslav Pticar
Tennis Trouble by Jacob Crow
Tesseract at La Defence, A by John Law
Test, The by Wales High's Film and Animation Club
That Saturday Last Summer by Don Chapman
These Scars
by Ayesha Tan-Jones
Thicker Than Water by B.F.V.S. Scriptwriter/Director/Editor - Sue Mansi Producer - Patric De Landre-Grogan-Smith
Thinking Time by John Roberts
This Sculptured Isle by Rod Willerton
Threads by XDL Films
Thump in the Eye, A by Michael Slowe
Thunderkids by Laurie, Jonathan and Laurie (jnr) Calvert
Tick Tack
by Joren Molter
TLP (The Lennox Partnership)
by Alan Hendry
To Eleanor
byTim Stannard
Too Many Ghosts
by Ian Woodward
Toter Soldat by Nick Donnelly
Too Bad by Howard-Smith
Touch-Up Dance
by Cristian Toporan
Touching Cambodia by Jacqueline Paul and Rich Lyman
Tracks to Victory by John Astin
Trail to Tranquility by Paul Vernon
Transition by Bob Lorrimer
Trap, The by Bob Lorrimer
by Gemma Clarke
Tudor Rap by Tim Stannard
Turning Tables by Rebecca Staniforth
Turning the Turf by Geof Caudwell
Turrell's Celestial Vault by John Law
Tut Tut! by Tim Stannard
Two Cents
by Armelle Mercat
TY3100 by Stephen Green

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U482 by Preston Movie Makers
Undead or Alive
by Laurie Calvert
Unlocking Young Minds by Debbie & Terry Mendoza
Unsound Mind by Chris Hetherington
Useful Dog, A
by Jim Closs
Uttermost Part of the Earth, The by Andrew Tweed
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Value for Money by Elstree Group of Staines Video Makers
Vampire's Shadow, The by Leszek Cygan
Vanishing Wilderness, A by Guido Haesen
Vendetta by Southport Moviemakers
Vexation by Joel Edwards
Vice-Versa by Graeme Webb & Bob Vine
Victim by Ron Prosser
Violets Are Blue by Arthur Bullock & Colin Tretheway
Vision by Finchley Film Makers

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W.R.A.T.H. by Dominick Vigor-Salkeld
Waiting for God
by Enrik Bistika
Waiting for You (and England to Return) by Stuart Taylor
Walk to Karame Beacon
by Annette Lowe
War of the Galaxy
by Matthijs Geerling & Andries de Haan
Warehouse, The (De Loods)
by Kurt Velghe
Watched by Richard Fortsmann
Water's Edge by Channel 7 Productions
We Are Friends
by Mindia Kandelaki, Marian Khutsishvili, Maia Kekekashvili
We Are The Ocean - Confessions
by Lucy Mannall
We used to Touch the Music
by Mitze Chapovsky
Weißer Kragen (White Collar)
by Jörn Michaely
Wet Cigars for Berlin (Naße Zigarren für Berlin)
by Stephan Muller
What a Good Fellow is Uncle Sica
by Codrut Mendea
What a Mess 2: Attic of the Clones by Alan Brown
What Does It Mean to You?
by Paula Webster
What I Want for Christmas by Alex Crowley
What's It All About? by Mathew Coe, Nick Ellis, Mickey Ford, Jordan Levene,
Anthony Malone, Keane McGary, Francis Reed
What Type Are You? by Exeter Films
Wheel Rolls On, The
by Michael Gough
Wheeler Dealers Parody
by Laurie Calvert
Wheels, The
by Anthony Elliott
When I'm 64 by Jill Lampert
Where the Guilt Lies by Howard-Smith
White Collar by Jörn Michaely
White Noise by Brown, Harriet
Who's Singing by Jill Lampert
Wild Misadventures of Jesse James and Billy the Kid, The by Shaun Labrecque
Wild Africa Trek
by Chris Wheatley
Windermere Row, The
by Bob Lorrimer
Winning Film, The
by Susie Walker
by Alfie Barker
Wonder Woman
by Kina Strandberg
Wongga Song Patterns by Paul Andrew Whitlock
Wooden Walls by Albert Davies-Smith, Jonathan Light, Matthew Lee and Callum Lidington
by Dea Gagua
Wormholes by James Eaves
Would You Rather Watch the Fireworks? by Barry Lockwood
World So Cold, A by Mike Donaghy
Writer's Block by Bob Lorrimer

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XYZ Files - the Abysmal Snowman by Gary Whitlock & Steve Jackson

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park
by Colin Lamb
You Cannot See by Support in Mind Scotland, Life Skills Project Drama Group
You Have Reached Your Destination
by Andrew Senior
Youth by Elijah Sargent

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by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Zombie Run Edinburgh
by Alan Hendry
Zombie Werehorse Gangsters from Outer Space
by Oscar & Harvey Parkin, Daniel McLance-Lowe and Kelsey & Lee McKinnell-Harrison
Zoo by Michael Slowe
Zu Zu
by Miroslav Mirchev

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