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The movies and AVs featured on this website are mainly chosen from entries in the
IAC British International Amateur Film Competition and represent various standards in that festival.
Others are associated with the UNICA International Festival and online articles.

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I Draw a Circle
by Marian Vredik
I Just Knew by Phil Martin
I Know How You Feel by Mdhamiri A Nkemi
I Let Her Down by Neil O'Neil
I Love You Truly by Ian Woodward
I Want a Kid Brother
by Tomislav Starcevic
by Lepus Production
Ich (Me)
by Saladin Dellers
I'll Scream by Howard-Smith
I'll Walk With God by Ian Woodward
I'm What?! by Billy Ellwood
If Only by Staines Video Makers
Illusion, The
by Alex Howat & Hugo Brown
by Alfie Barker
In Dangerous Waters by Sophie Edwards
In the Docks by Rod Willerton
In the National Interest by Phil Martin
In the Trenches
by Jersey Camcorder Club
Indians-Cowboy Rodeo by Martha Schorn
by Olena Potyomkina
Interview, The
by Finchley Film Makers
by Marco Brunu
Invisibles, The
by Svetozar Petrovic, Vuk Savik & Peter de Vos
Irreversible by Cornel Caldes, Raymond Popa, Daniel Popa, Cristian Enea
It's Not Funny, It's Art by Job, Joris & Marieke
It's Not You, It's Wrong
by Emil Gustafsson Ryderup
It Sounds Better With
by Ryan Balazadeh
Italian Chapel, The by Pauline Johnson

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Jam Jar by Nick Brien
Jim's Dream by Haywards Heath Movie Makers
Joanna by Ryan Cooper, Joshua Hopkin, Andrew Colley & Phillip Baines
Joey by Chichester Film & Video Makers
Johnny's Pigs by Jill Lampert
Journey, The (Die Reise) by Angela Schuster
Journey Home by Alex J. Campbell
Joy by Bart Frank (Objekt Films)
Joy to Ring, A by Tim Stannard
Jubilee by Alan Robinson, Terry Tkachuk, John James, Karen Cherrington, Neville Withers & Susan James
Jumblies, The by Robert Duncan & Alan Fenemore
by The Partners
Just Fuchsias by John Howden

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Kabul Sunset by Graham Egarr & Tim Smart
Karen's Room
by Geoff Harmer
Kate Fletcher - Fire on the Floor
by Kevin Pritchard
Kelly Mine, Another Era
by W. James Gill
King's Wish, The
by John Anscomb
Kiss Me Quick
by Eric Jukes
Kitman by Alex Ayre
Korky - A Life in Film
by Peter Macpherson

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LMS Carriage Roof Canvassing by Alan Taylor
La Cantina
by The Space Between
La Guitarrista by Caleb Elliott
Land I Farm, The by Gary Marshall
Land of the Long White Cloud by Keith Bartlett
Lars Tango in PAR15 by Stuart Taylor
Last Color
by Nelli Sardaryan
Last Man Standing by Graeme Webb & Bob Vine
Last of the Wolfgang, The by Michael Slowe
Last Words of Socrates, The by Young Uee Yoo
Lavash Song
by Vahagne Vardumy
Le Fay
by Luke Arthur
Legacy of the Revolution by James Chalmers & Sue Bence
Lego Jail Break by Morgan Spence
Lembu Gallery & Studio, The by Bryan Littlewood
Let's Bring Back the Choughs by Annette Lowe
Letter, The
by Channel 7 Productions
Letters from the Front by Ron Prosser
Lewis Carroll's Tea and Excess in Wonderland by Geoffrey David Bentley
Life in the Braxteds
by Bryan Littlewood
Life is... by Michael Gough
Life is like a Shed by Adam Coley
Life Sound
by Franky Van Daele
Life's a Beach - East Cowes Beach Clean 23/10/2016
by Christopher Offer
Life's Little Gaps by Scott Hillhouse
Lifeless Life, A
by Pascale Kasirabo
Lifeline by James Churchill
Like Father Like Son
by Alex Howat & Joe Howat
Like Mother by Howard-Smith
by Geoff Harmer
by Chris Eden-Green
Little Cup of Coffee, A by Pavlina Taubingerová
Little Mouse's Big Book of Fears by Chilton Primary School
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Graham Shankland
Little Shoemaker, The by Jill Lampert
Little Story About Friendship, A
by Zura & Rati Tegerashvili, and Giorgi Elizbarashvili
Little Things Matter
by Tarvi Roos
Little Train in the Forest, The by Per Oglund
Live to Ride by Matt Goff
Living in the Past by Michael Gough
Lonely People by Neil O'Neil
Long Walk, The by Huey Walker - Exeter Films
Long War, A by Arthur Bullock
Loods, De (The Warehouse)
by Kurt Velghe
Look Closer by Bethany Ibberson
Looks Right (illustrated talk) by Michael Gough
by Oscar Mitchell
Love Left Town by Mark Anthony Games
Love Money
by Jeunesse Workshop UNICA 2011
Love Song: The Triumph and Tragedy of Tchaikovsky
by Ian Woodward
by Juan Pablo Zaramella

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Madness, The
by Jill Lampert
by Vito Labalestra
Maggie's Secret by Haywards Heath Movie Makers
Magpie, The by Neil O'Neil
Making a Cup of Tea by Steve Jakab
Making a Go of It by Tom Smith
Making of Man-Virgin Flesh-Eating Monster-Vamp from Hell, The by Philip Beasley
Making of Mind Set, The by Mark Anthony Games
Man With Four Hearts, The by Oliver Broadbent
by Olga Petrova
Marriage Games by Norfolk Video Productions
Marriage Vows by Howard-Smith
Marty's Project
by Beth Williams & Andrew Kent
Mary and the Miners
by Cantref Primary School
Master's Route
by Kamil Krukowski
Master of Time by Willy Van der Linden
Mating Game, The by Arthur Bullock & Colin Trethway
Maurice Maggi - Floral Anarchist by Roland Achini
Max at the Museum by Seth Powell
Me (Ich)
by Saladin Dellers
Meditations of a Lighthouse
by John Roberts
Meet Dexter
by Orpington Video & Film Makers
Meet Our Bboys
by Hiski Hamalainen
Mendenhall Glacier
by Noel Leeder
Merry Christmas 2010
by Tim Stannard
Michael by Matthew Khawam
Middle Aged by Sam Baron & Raphael von Blumenthal
Mind Set by Mark Anthony Games
Mindbreak by Florian Arndt
by Alain Boyer
Mitchell Goldfield
by Emmie Thompson and Lilly Thompson
Molly's Miseries by Dundee Camcorder Club
Montague Jack - trailer
by Wimborne Minster Cine & Video Club
Moon At Night
by Michael Slowe
Moon, The
by Jannes Sternkiker
Motorbike Invasion by Mark Rigler
Moving Oleta by Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers
Mr. Atse by Mira Chendler (Austria)
Mr. Knitty and the Cardboard House
by Frank Hansen
Mr Wellby's Cross by B.F.V.S.(Screenwriter/Director - David Price Producer - Graham Egarr)
Mum's the Word by Arthur Bullock & Colin Tretheway
by Niklas Andersson
My Children's Children by Emilio Porto
My Last Day at War by Matteo Tondini (Italy)
My Local by Mark Anthony Games
My Mother's Friends by Harrow Film Makers

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Nacho & Salsa by Tom Ball
Naŝe Zigarren für Berlin (Wet Cigars for Berlin)
by Stephan Muller
New Girl
by Abigail Harris & Eleanor Smith
Newbury Coat Challenge, The
by Jill Lampert
by Daria Lubshina
Nia Hao (Hello) by Arthur Bullock
Night is Falling, The by Lepus Productions
No Regrets by Alfie Barker
No Safe Place
by Tim Lowe
No Way Back by Robert Lorrimer
No Way Up by Robert Lorrimer
Noisia by Nikolai Krasnowski
by Filmgroep Triga
North Street Grande by Carswell Primary School
Not His Type
by Surrey Border Film & Video Makers
Nothing by Mark Rigler
Nothing Girl by Pierre Daudelin
November Spring by Andrew Tweed

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Oars, The
by Zdenko Basic & Manuel Sumberac
Olden Virginia by Michael Gough
Oliver by Luke Rance
On the Map
by Gosport & Fareham Camcorder Club
On the Other Foot by Howard Blake
One Block Challenge
by Paula Webster
One Moment
by Alice von Gwinner
One in 8000 by Jonathan Wilde, Malcolm Webster,
Vicki Jago, Alan Tutt, Julia Galvin
Opening, The
by Vjekoslav Gasparovic
Origin by Livewire Studio
Oswald Dumper Goes Metal Detecting by Playmakers Films
Oswiecim by Stephen Green
Oui Chef by Michael Slowe
Our Only Home
by Avatar Forum & Tree of Souls
Out of my Head by Paul Desmond
Out of the Past by Ian Reed
Over the Hill by Shaun Labrecque
Overtime by Geoff Harmer
OT2: time an' a half
by Geoff Harmer

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