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Still from 'Fall'.BIAFF 2015

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Jim struggles to come to terms with the loss of his partner. Isolated in his house, he tries to ignore his inner conflict, burying his thoughts and emotions deep within.

by Angus Bentham, Bysshe Harkavy,
Chloe Crolla-Maas, Hugh Nelson, Jack Clare,
Jack Simmons, Joe Morris, Maggie Stanaszek,
Robert Blythe, Samuel Colilduck, Sarah Carroll,
Shelby Maddock, Stephanie Cowley,
Georgina Howarth-Evans & Tremayne Taylor

Awarded 5-Stars & Best British Young Film Maker
in the IAC International Amateur Film Competition 2015.

The competition is the basis of the British International Amateur Film Festival
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Page updated on 18 April 2015
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