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SAM logovisit their website: www.scottishmoviemakers.co.uk

IAC Clubs in Scotland

The Scottish Association of Moviemakers (SAM)
is the umbrella organisation for clubs and film-makers in Scotland.

From October to May we run monthly meetings with guest presenters or judges for SAM competitions.

There is also a flourishing annual workshop weekend and a SAM Christmas Social.

Our magazine SAM News is published every second month.

Pic of the SAM News magazine.SAM is an enthusiastic supporter of the IAC to which we are affiliated - as are a number of Scottish clubs. Many of our members are also individual IAC members.

We are active in supporting BIAFF and also other IAC activities, for example through the 'Scottish Scene' page in FVM.

Make contact with SAM through their website - www.scottishmoviemakers.co.uk