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The making of Der Spiegel

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Spiegel (Mirror) by Martin Gubela won a 4-star award at BIAFF 2008


The Mirror

Still from 'Der Spiegel'.Still from 'Der Spiegel'.The film tells the story of a man, who through continuous alcohol abuse has lost control. Physically and socially he is going into a social decline. His daughter experiences a crisis of conscience.

The idea of this film is based on a script by my long-time friend Alfred Lengert, who already was 84 years old at the time of shooting the film itself. From his idea, I wrote a corresponding script. It was only one idea, many things were missing, but it was good and had to be filled with life.

People keep getting older - more and more alone . This is a burning social topic that cannot be evaded.

The many reflections and echoes and not just the mirror that shatters, are important in the film. The life in the reflection is visible but, however, not tangible.

Still from 'Der Spiegel'. Still from 'Der Spiegel'. Still from 'Der Spiegel'. Still from 'Der Spiegel'.
For my camera work, I gave myself the task of creating the pictures densely, near and personally. Always concentrating on reality.

Still from 'Der Spiegel'.I composed and arranged the music myself.  It is intentionally modern and loud to suit the zeitgeist.

I thank all of the team for their support.

- Martin Gubela

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