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September 10-17 UNICA 2005 - Blankenberge

UNICA Patronage Film Festivals Other Festivals
May 26-29 Up To 21 Festival September 20 Eisenbahn und Transport Festival
May 27-28 13th Croatian Minute Movie Cup November 15-20 Tehran International Short Film Festival
June 19-25 Festival of Nations October 7-9 Arsfilm - Kromeríž
August 27 - September 4 International Amateur Festival of Kelibia October 29 Deutscher Video-Clip Wettbewerb
September 2 - 3 Cotswold International Film Festival November 25-27 Senior Forum - Kromeríž
September 10-17 Ismailia International Film Festival


May 26th - 29th * 23rd UP TO 21 * Tarnow (Poland)
Topics: International Festival of filmmakers who at the moment of making the film were not older than 21.
Contact: Palac Mlodziezy
ul. Pilsudskiego 24
33-100 Tarnow

Tel.: + 48 14 622 0385
Fax: + 48 14 621 1541
Email: festival@pm.tarnow.pl
Website: www.dozwolenodo21.prv.pl

Closing: 10th May 2005

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  1. 13th CROATIAN MINUTE MOVIE CUP is organised by GFR FILM-VIDEO and the Croatian Film Association and will take place on May 27 - 28, 2005 in Pozega, Croatia.
  2. The festival is open to all foreign and Croatian film/video makers older than 16 who are allowed to send an unlimited number of entries.
  3. The length of videos must not be more than 60 seconds (including all titles and sound).
  4. Entries can be in PAL system on VHS, SVHS , BETACAM SP, miniDV, DV, DVCam, CD-ROM (AVI - Microsoft DV compression) and DVD. One can send several videos on a single cassette or CD-ROM. The beginning of each entry must be properly marked and between them there should be 15 - 30 seconds of black, blank without any sound.
  5. Pre-selection will be done by a jury appointed by the organisers and three best entries in the official programme will be awarded by the international jury of film/video experts with valuable prizes as well as medals and diplomas. A special prize for promoting solidarity between nations or using new forms of expression will be given by UNICA. One prize will be given by audience vote.
  6. Entries will be projected in the best technical and security conditions and returned (ecxcept CD-ROMs) within 30 days after the festival. Return post fees will be paid by the organisers.
  7. The organisers may use entries for strictly non-commercial purposes to promote the festival and make copies for the organisers when authorised by the author.
  8. The organisers invite authors whose entries are in the official programme to come to the festival and offer free board and accommodation (May 26 - 29, 2005) but cannot cover travelling expenses. All other authors are also invited on favourable terms.
  9. Deadline for receiving your entries and entry forms is April 15, 2005 (all deliveries should be marked "no commercial value - for cultural purposes only". Please do not send your entries via customs as it prolongs delivery time and includes an extra procedure).

Entry forms and films send to the organiser: GFR FILM-VIDEO, 34 000 Pozega, p.p. 709 CROATIA

For further information please contact:
tel./fax.: + 385 34 273 605
email: gfr-film-video@po.hinet.hr
website: www.crominute.hr

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33. Festival der Nationen * 33rd Festival of Nations * 33. Festival des Nations * 33. Festival Národû * 33. Festiwal Narodów * 33. Festival Národov * 33. Festival delle Nazioni * 33. Festival de las Naciones * 33. Festival Nacija * 33. Volkerenfestival
Where: Austria, Ebensee - at Traunsee lake, surrounded by rocky mountains and beautiful scenery.
When: From 19th to 25th of June 2005
What: Annual Festival with more than 500 entries from 40 countries every year.
Who: Erich Riess, Gaumbergstraße 82, A - 4060 Linz
Why: Because you can get an EBENSEE BEAR in gold, silver and bronze and UNICA medal.
How: tel./fax: + 430 732 673 693
website: www.amateurfilm.or.at
email: eva-video@netway.at
Deadline: 1st April 2005
  • all subjects
  • all categories
  • no entry fees
  • entries are pre-selected
  • films from authors who attend the festival are preferred
  • length main competition 4 - 30 minutes
  • enclose with each film a short description of its contents.

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October 7th - 9th * ARSFILM * Kromeríž (Czechia)
Topics: Art, animation, experiment, videoart.
Contact: Dum kultury
Tovavovského 2828
767 01 Kromeríž

Tel: 573 340 827
Email: ladislav@recom-km.cz
Website: www.csfv.org

Closing: 15th September 2005

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October 29th * 1. DEUTSCHER VIDEO-CLIP-WETTBEWERB * Berlin (Germany)
Topics: Videoclips.
Contact: Sonni Browatzki
Scharnweberstrasse 125
13405 Berlin

Tel.: 030 417 50 23

Closing: 12th October 2005

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November 25th - 27th * SENIORFÓRUM * Kromeríž (Czechia)
Topics: The international film festival for authors over 58.
Contact: Dum kultury
Tovavovského 2828
767 01 Kromeríž

Tel: 573 340 827
Email: ladislav@recom-km.cz
Website: www.csfv.org

Closing: 15th November 2005

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The International Amateur Festival of Kélibia
August 27th - September 4th in Kélibia (Tunisia)

We ask you to send us a selection of your films to participate in this 22nd festival, according to the conditions of participation below.

Organisation:   FIFAK is a cinematographic manifestation organised by the Tunisian Federation of Amateur Film makers with the Ministry of Culture, with the support of Kélibia's and Nabeul's authorities.

Aims: FIFAK is to favour the promotion and the distribution of amateur films, to foster debates and to help bridge the gap between national cultures and civilisations.

Excerpts from the general rules: FIFAK includes the following competitions and sections:

  • International competition: Open to selected amateur / independent and school's films, in 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8, beta, DV … with a running time not exceeding 30 min.
  • National competition: Open to selected Tunisian amateur films, in 35 mm, 16 mm, super 8, beta, DV … with a running time not exceeding 30 min. PS: Date of production should be later than 08/2003
  • Information section: Open to films with aesthetic or thematic concern and not corresponding to the competition regulation.
    • Tribute to Committed cinema
    • Tribute to African short films
    • Various surprises are reserved to the public
    • Symposia and debates - a predifined issue to the debated along with after-shows debates.

The international Jury will award the following prizes:

International competition: Best film: The Golden Falcon, 2nd film: The silver Falcon, 3rd film: The bronze Falcon, The special prize of the jury, Special mentions.

National competition: Best film: 1st prize, 2nd film: 2nd Prize, 3rd film: 3rd prize, Parallel prizes

Application: Any entry should include the entry form, a photo of the director, a photo from the shooting. The final movie copy should be received before 27th of July 2005.

Festival International du Film Amateur Kélibia
BP 116 -1015 RP Tunis

Tel: (+216) 71 260 488
Fax: (+216) 71 260 572
GSM: (+216) 98 520 722
Akram Tliba - Festival Director, GSM: (+216) 98 901 524
Ridha Ben Halima - Festival Manager, Email: fifak@ftca.org.tn

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Cotswold International Film and Video Festival 2005 * Stroud (United Kingdom)
2 - 3 September

Topics: Any subject (excluding pornography)


Lee Prescott, Festival Officer, C.l.F.V.F.
P0. BOX 64
GL10 2YH
Tel: ++ 44 (0)1453 823802
Email: leepres@anglovideogxy.demon.co.uk
Wesbite: www.cotswoldfilmvideofest.co.uk

Closing: 14th. May, 2005

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Festival logo.9th Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films
10th - 17th September 2005, Ismailia, Egypt
Organisers: The Ministry of Culture - Egyptian Film Center - Ismailia Governorate.
  1. Ismailia International Film Festival for documentary and short films takes place every year in Ismailia (Egypt) to promote an intercultural dialogue for a deeper understanding of others by presenting their creative works to the audience and to encourage filmmakers of documentary and short films.
  2. Competitive Sections:
    • Long Documentary Films competition (more than 60 min.)
    • Short Documentary Films competition (maximum 60 min.)
    • Short Feature Films competition (maximum 60 min.)
    • Experimental short films competition
    • Animation Films (Cartoon - Puppets - Computer Graphics)
    • Non-Competitive Sections: Out of Competition
    • Tribute
    • Focus
    • Retrospective
    • Others
  3. The Festival organises encounters and debates between film-makers and the audience, journalists and professionals.
  4. Only films that have been completed after 30th of June 2004 can participate. Formats: 35 mm, SP and digital betacam (PAL/SECAN) and DVD. Original version with English subtitles. Film prints should be in a good technical condition.
  5. Entry forms should be sent from the 1st of February till the 1st of July 2005 to the Festival's address. .
  6. Directors and producers are requested to provide the Festival with a VHS video tape, CD or DVD of the film at the latest 1st of July 2005, as the selection Committee terminates its work on 15th of July 2005. If the original version of the preview tapes are not Arabic or English and without English subtitles, please send the commentary or dialogue list in English. The term" for cultural & non-commercial screening" must be clearly written on the 35 mm, VHS, CD or DVD.
  7. In order to enable the publication of the catalogue and allow the Press Office to further work for the promotion of each selected film, it is essential that the director or producer, sends along with his entry form:
    • The film's synopsis, photos and posters.
    • The Director's filmography and photo.
    • A complete press kit (articles, flyer, clipping, etc.).
    • In the case of sending photos by e-mails or CD the size must not be less than 6X99 - resolution DPI or 1063X709 Pixels.
  8. The International Jury composed of a president and six members (Including one Egyptian member at least) is selected from cineastes, critics and intellectuals. The Jury decides the working system. The Jury watches the films during special or public screenings.
  9. Awards:
    • The Grand Prize to the best film in the festival (a sum of 10000 LE + Golden Tablet and certificate) is awarded to the director.
    • The best film Prize in each competition (a sum of 6000 LE + Golden Tablet and a certificate awarded to the director.
    • The Jury Prize in each competition (a sum of 4000 LE + Golden Tablet and certificate).
    • The Jury has the right to mention some films among the participating films in the five competitions (maximum five). They are donated a mention certificate. All the films screened in the competitions will receive a participating certificate. The jury has the right to hold any prize. Awards cannot be divided.
  10. If the producer accepts, the Festival can use maximum 10% of the total length of the film and will never exceed 2 minutes or 1 minute of the animated films for the TV Channels.
  11. All film prints should be sent to the festival's address before 15th of August 2005 it is preferred to dispatch films via the Egyptian Embassies abroad. The festival should be informed of the diplomatic pouch or the shipping details. The films will be returned to the address mentioned on the Entry form within 30 days after the festival's closure.
  12. Prints are insured as long as they are in the festival possession
  13. The festival management is responsible for settling the cases not provided in the regulations.
    • These regulations are published in Arabic and English, the Arabic version shall apply if any doubt arises.
    • The festival management is responsible for settlement of all cases not mentioned in the present regulations.
    • The entry of a film implies that all the terms of these regulations have been accepted.
    • All the festival's screenings are non-commercial.
    • The festival kindly requests all the participants to deposit the VHS videotape of their films in the festival's videotheque.
    • The Festival has the right to 3 screenings for each selected film.
    • Any additional screening will only be granted after a negotiation between the festival and the eligible party.

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13th Eisenbahn und Transport Festival* Kapfenberg (Austria)
20th September

Transport, cars, ships, railway, planes etc


Günther Agath
Kernstockgasse 13
A - 8605 Kapfenberg
tel.: 0043 676 6101507

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Logo of Iranian Young Cinema Society.Tehran 10th International Short Film Festival (TISFF)
15th to 20th November 2005 in Tehran, Iran.

The relevant sections for overseas entries are the International and Spiritual ones.

Deadline: for submitting the films is July 20th, 2005.

Hassan Dezvareh, Head of International Relations
17 Ghandi Sq
Shariati Ave
15569 Tehran

Tel.: 0098 - 21 - 8511326
Mobile: 0098 - 912 - 1044912
Fax: 0098 - 21 - 8511242
Email: dezvareh@iycs-ir.com, naderu@iycs-ir.com, info@shortfilmfest-ir.com
Website: www.shortfilmfest-ir.com

  1. Objectives - Tehran 10th International and 22nd National Short Film Festival will be held by Iranian Young Cinema Society, November 15th, 20th, 2005 in Tehran.
  2. Entry Requirements - For the International Competition entries on 16mm, 35mm, Beta cam SP PAL, DVcam and DV are acceptable. The films and videos must be completed after 1st of January 2003. Films of 45 minutes are eligible. The Categories are:
    • Experimental
    • Animation
    • Documentary
    • Fiction
  3. Entry Procedures and Submission - The following materials have to be sent to the Festival Office by July 20th, 2005 at the latest:
    • VHS cassette or a DVD of the film in (PAL, SECAM or NTSC format) with English subtitle
    • Dialogue list in English
    • Three stills (Colour or Black & White)
    • Filmobiography of the director.
    • Video cassettes must be sent by mail or EMS (TNT, DHL,...), please specify "No Commercial value, for Cultural Purpose only", (declaring a value less than 20 US$).
  4. Selection - The festival will select the films for the international competition from all submissions. Filmmakers, producers and distributors will be notified of the selection results by 20th of September 2005.
  5. Shipping of the films - Screening prints (16mm, 35 mm) of the selected Films and Beta tapes, DVCam or DV of the selected videos must arrive in our office latest before 25th October 2005 (because of some difficulties to release the prints and videos from the Customs, we do need enough time to get them).
  6. Shipping and Insurance - The screening prints and videos will be returned after the festival to the address given on entry form. The shipping cost to Tehran, Iran must be paid by the sender, return shipping cost will be paid by the festival. In case of loss or damage, the responsibility of the festival is limited to covering the costs for the replacement of the print.
  7. Juries and Prizes - The organizers will nominate an international jury of five members, one of whom is Iranian. The Jury will award the following prizes:
    • Grand prix: Trophy + Diploma + 5000 US $
    • Best Fiction: Trophy + Diploma + 3000 US $
    • Best Documentary: Trophy + Diploma + 2500 US $
    • Best Animation: Trophy + Diploma + 3000 US $
    • Best Experimental: Trophy + Diploma + 2000 US $
    • The Board of Jury can award a special Prize of the jury to a film.
  8. Non-specified cases - The IYCS will decide on any cases of doubt which have not been mentioned in these regulations. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance without reservation of all the terms outlined in the present regulations. Should the meaning of the latter be contested, the Persian Version has legal value. Note: The preview tapes will not be returned.

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