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UNICA 2004 Veitshöchheim (Germany)
There is nothing quite like a UNICA Festival

Vacation, Inspiration and Celebration

Dave Watterson says:

UNICA is an organisation linking national federations of amateur movie makers. IAC has been a member off and on for 45 years. UNICA keeps an eye on political issues which affect amateurs, has links with UNESCO, keeps a movie archive, publishes a quarterly magazine and runs its own website.

Its purpose is to encourage international co-operation. That sounds trite, but it works.

UNICA’s glory is the annual world amateur movie festival. At the height of the Falklands War, UK and Argentine delegates sat together at UNICA. Film makers from the war-torn Balkan lands meet in friendship at UNICA. A holiday at UNICA lets you meet the world. Everyone there loves movies so there is always something to start the talk flowing.

A short note from Valrie Ellis

The UK won a Bronze medal with Elegia made by Geoff Addis, a Silver Medal with Rocket Boy Roger by Russell Hollis and James Robinson in the main competition.

Third place was won by Phil Martin for his film I Just Knew in the World One Minute Competition. In the audience vote the UK came third with the most popular programme (Belgium and Spain in first and second place) The judges placed France first!

Her are some photos from the final banquet:

Reg Lancaster with the British awards.
Dorothy Speirs.
Reg Lancaster and John Gibbs.
Reg Lancaster with a handful of awards!
Dorothy Speirs admires the Silver medal.
Reg and John Gibbs (Vice Chairman) also with the awards

UK Official Entries

The filmmakers of these films have written about their films.

Click on a film name and read the article about it.

A couple more are coming in the next few weeks.

News from Reg Lancaster:

First the National Programme. This year we have 70 minutes allocated time (note the total time includes a mandatory 4 minutes between each film to allow judges time to write notes).

1. The Lecture by Gordon Bullock (W.Midlands)

2. Elegia by Geoff Addis (Reading)

3. Rocket Boy Roger by Russell Hollis and James Robinson (Bucks)

4. Verge by Nick Kirk (Nottingham)

5 The Prodigy by Phil Martin (Ascot, Berks)

6. My Darling John by Valley Films (Kent)

There are also our UK entries for the One Minute World Cup. The UK has two places in the competition because we had a film in the final 16 last year.

7. I Just Knew by Phil Martin (Ascot, Berks)

8. Control Duel by Cardiff C.V.S.

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Page updated on 16 January 2011
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