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UNICA 2002 - Introduction

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A conga line dancing at UNICA 2002. If you like people, you'll love UNICA Festival. Between the wonderful movies there are fascinating people to meet.  If you enjoy chatting, arguing, flirting, drinking, strolling, dancing or singing with all sorts of fellow enthusiasts - this is for you!   Svetlana Uturgauri (Georgia) and Ben Teeninga (Holland) chatting.
Erich Riess (Austria) Share a sauna with top amateur movie makers, form a conga line with Koreans in front and Belgians behind. Get to know each other. Find out what makes the world's film makers tick. Croatian party.

Click for more about the people.


And then there are the movies ... such movies.  They range from the sublime to ... well, those that give the rest of us some hope. For some countries video is so expensive only kids in school working with state-sponsored kit can do it.  Others concentrate on intense, arty work. Most make the same sort of movies we see in UK competitions ... but at top level. Some which won UNICA medals have been at  IAC Movie Festivals:

Christian Waard in 'De Verdenking'.

De Verdenking
won an International Medallion from IAC. UNICA awarded it a Gold Medal and the prize for best actor to its young star, Christian Waard.

Still from 'A Splash of Colour'.
A Splash of Colour
got at IAC International Medallion and a UNICA Bronze Medal.

Still from 'Timeline'.
got IAC Gold Seal and Humour Award and a UNICA Bronze Medal.

Still from 'Final Report'.
Final Report
got a Gold Seal from IAC and a Bronze Medal from UNICA.

We hope the best of the other UNICA entries will find their way into our next IAC competition and/or onto a compilation tape from the IAC library.

Click for more on the movies.

Then there's the tourism ... a different country each year.  Outings organised to give you a taste of the place.  Every opportunity to set still and video cameras going.  This year even the settings were spectacular: the superb amphitheatre of the Music Conservatory for the shows and the magnificent European Parliament "Hemicycle" for the final jury comments and medal choices. The EU Parliament 'Hemicycle' meeting chamber.

Click for more on the outings.


Jorge Marques heading the technical team began months before the event preparing detailed schematics and persuading sponsors to supply equipment.

To my mind the star of the show was this Sanyo PLC-XF30 projector with its 5,200 lumen output searing a screen 6 metres (20 feet) wide.  Like all the kit it was provided by Luxembourg's Electro Hauser company. Sanyo PLC-XF30 video projector.

Even the back-up projector was an NEC MT-1056 giving 3,000 lumens.  A wonderful sound system did full justice to the tracks.  A network of large screens presented the movies to other parts of the building - and a live camera feed showed discussions and speeches.  A sound feed linked to the building's public address system providing low-level background music between events and a blasting "up-and-at-'em" tune to summon us back for sessions. There was an information network between computers used by the organisers, a walky-talky network and an editing suite to create the growing "Chronicle" - UNICA's newsreel of the event which was often screened as a work in progress. There was in-house public-address, mics for the jury, mic for the translators and a roving mic for speakers from the floor.

Presentation was superb, the tech-team seemed unruffled by last-minute requests and problems, even during the frantic action of the Minute Movie Cup.

Click for more on the organisation of UNICA 2002.

- Dave Watterson    Sep 2003

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