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UNICA 2001 - Tallin, Estonia

Tallin was the venue for the week-long festival of
Union Internationale du Cinéma non-professionnel / Film+Video

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Tallin's skyline


Tallin, capital of the independent and democratic Republic of Estonia, hosted this marvellous gathering of amateur movie enthusiasts.  Since medieval times the city has been one of the crossroads of Europe.  It is a working port on the Baltic sea, yet its old town is a UNESCO World Heritage sight. Estonia regained its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991.

Events took place in the National Library in the centre of the city from Friday 3rd August to Saturday 11th August 2001. As well as the excellent programmes of films from member countries, entertainment from top choirs and orchestras, a regular video diary of events and lots of good company ... there were organised outings to:

UNICA 2001 was hosted by Eesti Filmiamatooride Liit (Estonian Film Amateurs Union) headed by Mr. Jaak Jarvine

To find out more about Tallinn take a look at the official web site  (English version) and especially the photo gallery with gorgeous pictures.  (Ignore warnings about needing special fonts!)

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