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The logo of the Estonian Amateur Film Makers. Tallinn 2018 - 16th International Festival of Non-Professional Film Makers

Closing : 10th Sep 2018
Festival : 20th Oct 2018

Organised by Jaak Jarvine of the Estonian amateur film makers' federation this is a popular event with many British film makers. The timing and arrangements are similar each year.

There are no fees, up to 25 minutes length.

The working languages of the festival are Estonian, English and German.

They accept DVD, USB, internet transfer (see entry form for details).

The films are judged in 3 groups:

  • A-group - the films of young film makers (up to 20 years old)
  • B-group - the films of film students
  • C-group - all others amateur film makers

The jury announce in advance its selection for showing at the event.

More information here.

Contact email jaak.jarvine@mail.ee

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