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International Ménigoute Festival of Ornithological Film

Closing : tbc
Festival: tbc

This takes place in Deux-Sevres Region, France and is for wildlife documentaries (not just ornithological).

The festival's main purpose is to inspire the greatest public increased awareness of the need to conserve the natural environment. At the same time, it aims to encourage the production and broadcasting of documentaries. About 40 wildlife entries, French premieres, will be selected to be screened in competition during public performances.

No fees for entry.

No subtitles please.

Two categories: up to 15 mins and above 15 mins

For preselection, send an on-line link or 2 DVD copies plus the entry form. For public screening (if selected) they need a copy on hard drive or USB in format: Apple ProRes 422 1920x1080 24, 25, or 30 is(images/second) Copies of foreign language films in the original version will include an international (music and effects) soundtrack, so that the commentary may be dubbed in French. Track 1 will be the original soundtrack., Track 2 and 3 will be an international mix (without narration). A French commentary will be dubbed on by the festival. See regs for instructions about sending the script for dubbing.

Films may be up to two years old.

Web page with English language section on submitting a film


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