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The logo of the festival. THE FESTIVAL OF NATIONS - Lenzing, Austria

Closing : 20th February 2020
Festival:  4th - 9th June 2020

The festival is in the town of Lenzing. The cinema is excellent with very comfortable seats,  a huge bright screen, multi-channel sound and a luscious cafe upstairs.

Entries should be up to 30 minutes long and completed in the last two years. A pre-selection team picks a shortlist and an international jury watches those with the audience over the week, discussing them on stage with the film makers and audience two or three times a day.  

There is no entry fee. They get more than 1000 entries so even to be chosen for screening is an honour. The working languages are German and English. Most entries in other languages have English subtitles.

Enter through FilmFreeway.

Since the festival is keen for film makers ("authors" as they call them) to attend, their films will probably be shown if the film maker attends. Since the festival serves "non-commercial" film it includes many movies from film students and indies alongside true amateur productions.

Most visitors stay in hotels near Weyregg on the beautiful lake front at Attersee and use the festival's generous free transport to get to and fro.

During the week there is plenty of leisure time to relax, chat, or take part in festival picnics on the lakeside, outings and social evenings.

See their website: www.festival-of-nations.com where there are more details about the competition and the event. Click on 'EN' at the top of the page for English language.

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