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For practical purposes a series of "Forums" operate as regional heats for the main annual festival. British film makers usually concentrate on Forum Nord but may also enter Forum West.

Eurofilm Forum Nord (Ammersbek near Hamburg)
Closing: No dates yet for 2018
Festival: No dates yet for 2018
Contact: Wolfgang Thomas, Mühlenbrook 29, 22397 Hamburg, Germany. Tel: 0049 / 40-605615 90

The main Eurofilm Festival: is usually in mid September but details for 2018 have not yet been announced.

The European Circle of Film & Video Amateurs (EAK - Europäischen Autoren Kreis ) organises a series of regional competitions (known as Eurofilm Forums). These serve as heats for the Eurofilm Festival which takes place in a different part of Europe each year and offers the amateur an international comparison of his filmmaking and the opportunity to contact and make friendships.

Arrangements and dates are similar each year.

They accept S8, 16mm, Mini DV and HDV, FullHD, BluRay and memory stick om PAL format - and cine film which has been transferred onto those media. Check whether the organiser can accept DVDs (It seems to have been a blind spot for them!) Films should not be longer than 20 minutes though exceptionally a 25 minute film may be allowed. Films should be no more than three years old. Only one entry per person.

The entry fees in the past have been 15 Euros for members of EAK, 45 Euros for non-members who have taken part before, but 15 Euros for first time entries. Under-18s pay no entry fee. They expect the film maker or someone nominated to represent her/him at the festival. If you cannot attend, send 5 Euros to have diplomas and awards posted to you.

The organisation has been German-speaking in focus but is now making a serious effort to work more in English.  British film makers have had success in this competition in the past ... so it is well worth a go.

website - www.eurofilmer.eu (now available in German and English. )

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