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The festival is held in Požega, in the beautiful Golden Valley area of Slavonia, North Croatia. It is by far the most hospitable we have ever attended. Wine, spirits and good food abound. The festival has a great buzz.

Entries up to 60 seconds long on PAL MiniDV,  DVCam, CD-ROM (Microsoft AVI or Quick Time)- Microsoft DV compression), DVD or Internet. No fee, no limit on number of entries. Film makers must be over 16. Top prize is 1,000 Euros!!!

If your film is selected for screening you get free board and accomodation - pay for your own travel. If you enter but your film is not selected you still get a good deal on board and lodging.

Note there are cheap flights to Zagreb from Heathrow and Luton. Travel on by train or bus. 

Website (in English):

Email: crominute@gmail.com

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