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The logo of the festival.BOX FILM FESTIVAL (Newbury, UK)

There are many closing dates e.g.:
31st December 2020
28th February 2020
31st March 2020
30th April 2020
31st May 2020
30th June 2020
31st July 2020
31st August 2020
30th September 2020

Festival:  7th November 2020

The Box Short Film Competition started in 2013. The name comes from a local theatre group who like to work "outside the box". The prime focus for the festival is encouraging filmakers in the community and there is a special category for films made in Berkshire, Hampshire, Wiltshire or Oxfordshire.

All shortlisted films will be presented at the festival to celebrate local filmmaking talent and to provide the opportunity for you to meet and network with your creative peers. The Out the Box Performance Group is dedicated to connecting writers, directors, shooters and actors, in order to help and encourage people to fulfil their creative dreams.

Your film must be an original piece under 15 minutes long and must have been completed within the competition period.

They use the online Film Freeway system for film submission.

Email: outthebox.secretary@gmail.com
Website: www.theboxfilmfestival.co.uk
For up-to-date news follow them on facebook:

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