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The logo of the festival.BITOLA '16  - Festival of amateur documentary films

Closing : tbc for 2018 (usually October)   
Festival:  tbc for 2018 (usually October)    

Held in Bitola, Macedonia every year. The event is dedicated to "camera 300" ... the number of the first movie camera ever brought to the Balkans. It was bought from the Urban company in London in 1905 by brothers called Milton and Janaki Manaki. The first Macedonian (and Balkan) film showed their 114 year old grandmother weaving.

Films up to 15 minutes long on DVD, MP4 and MPEG. No limit on the number of entries per person or per club. Please label cassettes and cases carefully. There is no entry fee and films will be returned by mid December. If your film is not in English it must have English subtitles.

Cinema Video Club, Studio Milton Manaki
Public Technic 7000

e-mail: kinoklubbitola@yahoo.com
website: www.camera300.mk

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