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BIAFF logo   BIAFF time again

All the entrants have now been told their results. The full list is published on the BIAFF website (go to '2019 Results').

BIAFF cinema The Festival will be on 25th - 28th April 2019 at the Hilton Garden Inn, Brindley Place, Birmingham B1 2HW. Sunday award winners shows will be at the Crescent Cinema.
The Festival programme is available here.
There will be lots to enjoy: Sutton Coldfield Movie Makers celebrating ten years of film making; a trip to the Black Country Living Musum; selections from the Peter Coles Audio Visual Competition; a day of shows of selected entries from the competition; a gala dinner; and a day of the best films in the competition and presentation of awards.

UNICA information   UNICA 2019

In 2019 the UNICA Festival will be in Zeist, Netherlands from 24th to 31st August.
You can find out more on the UNICA 2019 website
where you can also book your hotel room, at special UNICA prices. A VAT increase from 1st January will raise the prices a little so get in early if you can. You can now register for a Congress Card as well(this is a ticket for the additional activities - the film shows are free) .

Still wondering what UNICA is?

Find out here.



SoCo Competition News
SoCo News The SoCo Competition has been revamped.

Read about the changes in this special edition of SoCo News

Download rules and entry form as pdf.
Download rules and entry form as Word doc.


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Home Footage Request - 1971 Documentary
On The Corner Films are looking for footage from the early 1970s where people might be listening to music - or it looks like they could be listening to music. If you have anything on these lines, contact Natalie Fiennes.

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Working Hi8 player or camera capable of playing out tapes (SVHS & phono). Read more.

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Are you ready to compete?
Test your skills - check out our list of competitions and festivals suitable for non-commercial films. Lots of deadlines coming up.

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Meet other film makers
Find a club near you; discover what else is happening in your region; or chat with others on our Forums.

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