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Competition deadlines

Follow the links to check the rules and how to enter.

2nd September 2015: Newcastle (Australia) Internationsl Festival. Details here.

4th September 2015: Tatra Chamois Festival in Slovakia. Details here.

12th September 2015: CEMRIAC Region (IAC) AV competition for the Jessop Rose bowl. Details on www.cemriac.org.uk/avcomp.html.

14th September 2015: Tallinn International Festival in Estonia. More information and entry form here.

15th September 2015: AMPS Festival. More information here.

15th September 2015: Arsfilm Festival. Details here.

15th September 2015: Walser Film Days in Austria. Details here.

19th September 2015: North Thames Region (IAC) Annual Movie Festival. Details in their magazine, downloadable as PDF here.

21st September 2015: Liechstenstein Grand Prix Festival. Details here.

30th September 2015: 53rd Golden Knight Festival in Malta. Details here.

30th September 2015: ZOOM festival in Poland. Details here.

Use the Events Diary to look further ahead.