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Anything  related to A-V, cinť or video.  Send details to webmaster@theiac.org.uk.  Include an email contact if possible.  IAC offers no guarantees about these.

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Sennheiser Evolution EW 100 G2 radio mic
With transmitter and tie-clip mic. and receiver with cable to camera. This is the earlier model, the current one is G3. Apart from testing, I know it was never used. Itís in its original box with instructions. Itís absolutely mint condition. I have tested it and all appears to be fine. Any reasonable offer accepted. More than pleased to have it tried & tested at my place in Calne, Wiltshire.
New ĎProSoundí USB microphone
In it original box (minus the packing). Ideal for voice over. Several reviews of this mic can be found on You Tube. So far as I know it was only tested and never used. Not worth a lot really, any offer if interested.
New DVDs of various makes
Quite a lot of +R, -R and re-writeable. Also some BluRay. Many are in sealed tubs of 25 etc. Not worth posting of course, but if you are fairly near to me then do visit and select a bargain or two.
Iím disposing of gear on behalf of the widow of deceased member.
Pete Stedman 01249 813478 or
Email. Iím in Calne, Wilts.
(Posted Oct 2017)
Sony HVR Z5e Video Camera
Couple of Spare hi capacity batteries
HVR MRC-1 Compact Flash Recorder with 64Gb and 32Gb cards.
All cables remote and instructions + extra info on CDs (not normally with stock camera)
In absolutely perfect working order. Had approx. 3 hours use since last major service.
Only reason for sale is Iíve upgraded to 4k and need the dosh for a new editing rig.
Steve 01912093342 07450559541 Email Steve
(Posted Dec 2016)
Cine equipment looking for a good home.
Kodak Instamatic M55-L 22mm projector used for super 8 movies; a Eumig projector; a screen; a Kodak slide home projector and an Instamtic movie camera.
£50 the lot.
P. Langdown (based in South West.) Email P. Langdown.
(Posted Nov 2016)


Working Hi8 player or camera capable of playing out tapes (SVHS & phono).
I can deal with head cleaning but probably not defects. I have realised how good this format was in original condition so am copying to digital but my well-used pro deck is beginning to be a bit dodgy.
Peter Copestake, Colne Lancs. 01282 864058.
Email Peter Copestake
(Posted Feb 2018)

If you are looking for anything specific, just send your notes to the webmaster.

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