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Welcome. We encourage and support anyone from beginner to expert who makes films and AV sequences for the love of it.

Here they are: the BIAF Competition results.

Join us at the BIAF Festival in Sittingbourne to watch the best amateur films from the competition.

Plan your BIAFF viewing in advance. The Saturday mini-cinema timetables and the Sunday awards show timetable are available here.

Articles about the making of some of the BIAFF entries are beginning to arrive. First up - Bob Lorrimer's Writer's Block.

Click a still to watch the film.
Latest news

Details of the East Anglian Film Competition for all clubs in the East of England now available. All you need is, max 15 minutes total, a documentary, a fiction film and one other.

Penny Cup Winners 2015

Report on the final of North v South 2014.

The theme for North v South 2015 is 'Broken'.

AKM have a new collection of Royalty Free Music - 25% discount for IAC members.

A new arrangement for Public Liability insurance for IAC affiliated clubs.

What's new on the website

- Article on the making of Writer's Block Diamond winner and Best Comedy at BIAFF.
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- Winter edition of Tripod (NorthWest newsletter)
- Everything you need to know about putting on a show
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Competition deadlines
Latest equip. ads:
- Sony LCD flip-up hood for the Sony Z5 camcorder.
- Matrox Video Capture Card and Cable.
- Drive Motor for a Panasonic 10,000 DV VCR
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